Web Applications Security – Angular

A desk with a coffee mug featuring an inspirational quote in front of a computer screen displaying web applications security code, illuminated in soft blue light.

It is known as web application security, the technique of securing websites and online services from numerous security risks that leverage defects in the program’s code to exploit security vulnerabilities. The online application assaults are typical targets for content management systems (like WordPress) and database administration tools such as phpMyAdmin and SaaS. Web Application Risks […]

How to Use Online Sticky Notes to Collaborate on Tech Projects

An open laptop on a wooden table covered with colorful *online sticky notes* and scraps of paper on its screen, alongside a smartphone.

Collaboration on a tech project is extremely important for many reasons, one being to improve the way the team works together to solve technical problems and identify creative solutions. A technical project needs efficient processes such as improved communication and understanding of the project scope. Proper collaboration can save time, increase productivity, and open up […]