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Collaboration on a tech project is extremely important for many reasons, one being to improve the way the team works together to solve technical problems and identify creative solutions. A technical project needs efficient processes such as improved communication and understanding of the project scope. Proper collaboration can save time, increase productivity, and open up more opportunities for other projects.

Digital sticky notes are essentially post-it notes that you can use digitally on your computer. Instead of having multiple pieces of colorful paper cluttering your office, online sticky notes are easy to use and very convenient in the I.T industry. Let us look at the main ways that you can use online sticky notes to collaborate on any technical project.

Stay Organized In One Central Location

While it can be helpful to write down everything important to do with your technical project, physical sticky notes can be easily misplaced. If information needs to be edited or updated, you have to use a brand new sticky note, which is a waste of paper. With the use of online sticky notes, you can keep all of the relevant project notes in a central location that everyone on the team can access. Any edits and updates are immediately saved so that the whole team can see things as they change in real-time.

The great thing with digital sticky notes is that wherever you or your team goes, the online sticky notes go too. Set up a separate online collaboration folder such as OneDrive or SharePoint where all the important sticky notes are stored. Every person on the technical team will have immediate online access to every aspect of the project 24/7.

Prioritize Tasks With Attention-Grabbing Colors and Fonts

Technical projects are usually quite large and require a big team to carry out each stage successfully. Different people will be required to do diverse aspects of the project and these people need to be able to tell whether something is relevant to them or not. Online sticky notes can be customized to any color and font or size. Choose red and bold fonts to highlight urgent tasks. Once those tasks are completed, change the color to green to signify that to the team.

You can also change the size of the sticky note to make it big enough for everyone to see.

Another way is to allocate a color to different departments of people involved with the technical project. You can even edit sticky notes to only be visible to specific team members. This helps to keep everyone on the same page concerning the project and it ensures that everyone works on their tasks.

Summarize Large Pieces of Information

When collaborating on a project, everyone must know what is going on. There may be tons of information to go through such as hardware or software as per the client’s requirements. Instead of having a large document with all of this information, use online sticky notes to summarize the important parts by learning how to annotate the text. This is very handy when you need to identify critical pieces of information that could easily be overlooked when someone has to read a lot of text.

Think about any time that you studied for an exam. You would have written only the most important bits that you needed to remember. Online sticky notes are the same, but instead of having to write out everything and keep multiple notes, you can point to a specific paragraph or page by highlighting the text. It makes collaborating on a technical project much simpler.

Brainstorm From Any Location

Online collaboration has become central to business in the last two years. There is a greater need to communicate and work with a large team from all areas of the globe instead of via a physical meeting place. Online sticky notes are exceptionally useful anytime a brainstorming session is needed on a technical project. Perhaps there is a problem that needs to be resolved or there is an aspect of the project that needs the opinions of many people.

Brainstorming is an effective tool that many businesses use to suggest and think of new and creative ways to solve various issues. Incorporate online sticky notes into your next meeting and as each team member makes a valid suggestion, build a mind map. The brain can process much more information when it is visualized as opposed to reading or listening. Platforms like Teams and Zoom are popular for online meetings and online sticky notes can be used when sharing your screen with the rest of the team.

Create Connections to Relevant Project Parts

Most technical projects will have a variety of different components, and some areas may relate to each other. For example, the cost of the project cannot be calculated until the suppliers are contacted. Supplies cannot be ordered until all the requirements for the technical project are decided. Each of these aspects should have a different digital sticky note, but with lines and arrows, you can group the components.

This is useful when team members need to understand the flow of the project and what actions must be taken at which intervals. It is as simple as just inserting an arrow or connecting lines between sticky notes that relate to one another.

Online sticky notes have many benefits over traditional paper sticky notes. Anytime you work on a technical project, you should incorporate this great online tool to make sure that your team is collaborating effectively.  

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