Exchange Server – Anti-Spam Recipient Filtering

If you want to add multiple specific email addresses to your Exchange Anti-Spam Recipient Filtering then you can use Exchange Management Shell to run a command to add comma separated multiple email addresses. The command you should run is this: Set-RecipientFilterConfig -BlockedRecipients joe@bloggs.com,steve@techygeekshome.info,bob@mail.com You can keep adding email addresses to the list for what you…

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Computer Virus Removal 600x315

Word attachment jpaoscanner email Backdoor:Win32/Drixed.M virus alert

So have you been bombarded with emails from your network scanner today? Another virus attack was launched today with the email seemingly coming from your local network scanner, usually with an email address of “jpaoscanner@yourcomany.com” A word attachment with the file name similar to “Scann16011310150.doc” is what the virus is and those that have opened…

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New Site Launched!

Welcome to our brand new site! We have migrated our platform Google Blogger over to self hosted WordPress which will hopefully give us much better options to provide our visitors with better functionality. We have also moved domains to https://techygeekshome.info/ as this is now basically a blog to the rest of our expanding empire! There…

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PuTTy Toolkit MSI Installer

We have now created a MSI installer for the full PuTTy range of utilities which will allow you to distribute using systems like Group Policy or Configuration Manager. Included in the PuTTy Toolkit are the following programs: Pageant.exe Plink.exe PSCP.exe PSFTP.exe PuTTy.exe PuTTygen.exe You can now download the PuTTy Toolkit MSI installer from our Downloads…

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