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In this tech digital world we are witnessing a time when news channels and newspapers no longer excite a person in the morning. Due to busy schedules and running pole to pole to make ends meet people are getting more dependent on technology for their daily dose of news. They have downloaded various apps for political news, music, and exercise and even shopping.

But have you ever thought about technical news? You need to keep yourself updated about the latest gadgets, technology and much more. Here is a list of some famous tech news apps which can be useful for you.

  1. TechCrunch: It is one of the most downloaded apps which was founded on 10 June, 2005 by Michael Arrington. It has around 13 million followers and 26 million page views. About 50 percent of readers prefer to read the articles published by it on their mobile devices. Many tech junkies contribute here with their unique information and consider themselves as an influential league on online platforms. It also hosts TechCrunch Disrupt which holds conferences for revolutionary startups, game changing technologies with key innovators. Michael, who is looking for the best fish finder under 500, suggests that he is using this app on his phone as it is quick to get through information.
  2. CNET: It is one of the least biased tech news platforms where high factual reporting is done. It is American media website which was launched in 1994. It is best for tech product reviews, process, videos, news and forums to discuss. CNET software is free from spyware which means safe downloading can be done by users.
  3. Beebom: Beebom is an Indian media venture that is into new, reviews, quality analysis of tech products. It is one of the most loved tech platforms in a short span of time. It also has one of the highest rated tech blogs. It has more than 20 million monthly users which are growing each passing day. Their audience consists of end consumers of technology, geeks, early adopters, and influencers (Beebom, 2021). The crisp articles are binding enough to read till the end.
  4. Feedly: It is more known as a feed aggregator news application which runs on both android and IoS systems. It aggregates the news from various sources around the web at one place which is convenient to access. The best part is one can view the topics of his or her own choice. It is a legal entity but has issues with plagiarism. It works on AI assistance where you can select and share the news with your teams and friends. It is an RSS feeder. Riaz, who is buying the best trimmer for balls, uses feedly regularly and shares that it is so much easier to read the news.
  5. Drippler: It is one a unique app in its own way. It shares the news about your smartphone and suggests to you the apps which are suitable and useful. It has also been tagged as tech concierge as it provides personal recommendations. It is also used as a tech branding tool by app developers as they reach target audiences through suggestions. It is a mediator between developers and audience and thus derives its revenue on a per install basis.
  6. TechViral: It has a blog and app and dedicatedly it provides news about PC tutorials, android tricks, tech news. It is considered as an all-rounder in the tech field. It is the best app to satisfy your tech related curiosity. The users have also appreciated through reviews. They consider it as reliable, safe and secure to use. Somya who is tech savvy and looking for best flushing toilets for her office says that she relies on tech viral for gadget updates.
  7. Appy Geek: The most geeky tech android app which is providing high rated articles and news. Recently it has introduced the 4.0 version to give a seamless experience. It will help to sort out the clutter and straightforwardly jump to topics of interest. It even included reviews and information about electric vehicles. It has a trusted and licensed network to collect information and publish it. It gives authenticity and reliability to the content.
  8. TechEngage: It holds a 4 star rating on google play store. It provides comprehensive and latest technology related news. It was founded by Jazib Zaman in 2003. It also provides training to young talent to bridge the gap of market requirements. With young talent onboard the services are quite competitive. In 2018 it launched a tech magazine to reach potential clients.
  9. Microsoft News: Microsoft news covers all aspects of information and not just limited to tech news. It is highly reliable and fact based. It has credible media outlets which provide news on time. World’s top journalists are associated with it and deliver high quality articles. It is available both for android and iOS.
  10. Flipboard: It is a news reading app. It works in a somewhat similar way like Feedly. It collects news from various sources and delivers in smart magazine format to the user. It has an award winning service. Millions of users access the stories, news and relevant articles daily on it. It is based in Palo Alto, California. It also offers the option of offline reading. Mosin, who is taking online poetry classes, shares that the only disadvantage is repetition of articles. It leads to a turn off for some users.

There are numerous options available for users to search news. The main concern is availability of reliable sources. It helps in taking various purchase decisions. People rely more on reviews and discussion forums. They look for the right advice while buying a gadget. They want true value for their money.

Moreover, this news also helps them to know about the latest technologies which are going to be in the market soon. The tech apps have also created opportunities of freelancing for tech junkies. New talents are ready to enter in the arena with their skills of reviewing gadgets.

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