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We may not have been there 100 years ago but I guess life was tough compared to the lifestyles we are living today. Days when only a messenger was to walk for hundreds of miles to deliver a message. Of course, technology came to make lives easier. However, the invention of one item demands the need for another one. When children were spending all their time at home, “things were better.” One could be certain that the kids are playing in the compound or digging on the family farm.

Today, kids will walk away to play computer games in town and sometimes without your consent. This has led to the need for means of locating them wherever they are. Following the need by parents to know their kids’ whereabouts, Wondershare developed the sophisticated FamiSafe parental control app. This app is useful for parents to locate their kids’ phones and hence their location. We assume that the kid will walk with his phone and therefore tracking the phone means you get his live location.

Though you may talk of several ways of keeping your kids safe, I believe in two. One is where you stay around your kids all the time. Since this may not be possible, you remain with the second option where you locate them remotely using the FamiSafe parental control app. 

With the current way of life where everybody is busy earning a living, keeping kids around you isn’t easy. Again, employing a caretaker could also be a bit costly. But, downloading this app and installing it is free! You will only make affordable subscriptions and use this effective mobile phone tracker app. After using it for some time, your kids will learn to move responsibly because they will realize that you are aware of their movement and how they use their phones.

Features of FamiSafe App.

Any parental control application must have unique and effective features to be considered by users. The Wondershare’s free GPS locater has stunning features that have continued to keep children safer than ever. FamiSafe is renowned for the following features: 

A Live Location Feature.

This feature is highly useful if you want to track a cell phone belonging to any of your family members (kids for this case). By launching this application, you will see a map showing the precise location of your cheeky son or daughter. The feature eliminates worries in parents with small kids who find it hard to trace their way home in case they walk to the neighboring homes. Finding them will be easy and economical.

With the live location feature, parents can create a virtue ‘safe location’; Geofence. If you do this, you will be notified whenever this kid walks in or out of this area. If you use the school as your Geofence, you will know when the kid gets to school and leaves school. 

Location and Browsing History Features.

We said that you cannot spend all your time with the kids next to you. The FamiSafe family app gives you a record of the areas visited by your child and the time they were there. Ideally, it may be hard to identify a precise location from the map but you can zoom out to be certain of those locations.

You’ll also get a report of the websites that your children access on the web. If you get any links with offensive content, you should block them and report them to the relevant authorities.

Detecting Harmful Content.

Your child might receive illicit content in form of videos or photos as messages on social accounts. If your children tend to receive such content on their smartphones this app will instantly notify you. Other than the messages, the harmful content could also be in the form of shared files. You can report malicious senders of such content to the police for further action. It is also good to 

Cost of FamiSafe and Availability.

Whether you are using an Android or an iPhone smartphone, you can download this app and use it. Those with Android gadgets can download it on Google Play Store while iPhone users will get it on App Store. Additionally, it’s available on Amazon Store for those who only trust products listed on the world’s largest online store.

Wondershare offers three subscriptions to their customers. You can choose to use the monthly, quarterly, or annual plan. The three cost $9.99, $19.99, and $59.99 respectively. Although the monthly subscription may be cheap in the short run, the annual plan is the most economical of the three.


Any serious parents will be concerned about their children’s whereabouts. Calling them every time you want to know where they are will be a costly affair in the long run. They can intentionally cheat you to avoid punishment.

FamiSafe free to download parental control app will get you off the agony of your kids’ location. With this application on your phone, you can locate a maximum of 30 gadgets with the annual subscription and 5 if you are using the monthly plan.

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