Valorant hasn’t been released yet but the Closed Beta is completely underway now and it’s possible to access to it. If you haven’t heard about how to get a key yet then you can get a chance to grab a key on Twitch.


All you need is a Riot Games account, a Twitch account and to connect them both. Once connected, just go onto Twitch and start watching some Valorant livestreams. It takes a minimum of 2 hours watching Valorant streams collectively to be added to the potential closed beta key drop list. There is no guarantee you will be given a Valorant beta access key using this method.

The more time you spend watching the streams on the Twitch, the higher your chance of getting a key. In addition to this, Riot Games will also be starting to manually approve the users who are most active during the livestreams as well. So, while you could just leave the livestream running on mute while away from the computer or while doing something else, you will have a greater chance if you’re an active watcher. This means you’re posting useful messages into the chat and now just spam to try and boost your chance of getting a Valorant Beta Access key. There’s been no confirmation yet about what kind of content Riot Games is looking for when approving users for keys but interacting with the chat and streamer are probably the best things to do. Aim to be friendly and helpful, interact positively with the streamer and their community. Eventually, you might get a Valorant Beta Access key from it!

Yes, just watching ANY stream that’s playing Valorant makes you eligible if you watch at least 2 hours of gameplay. Originally, there was a short list of Twitch streamers who were dropping Valorant Beta Access keys but this has been changed. Anyone streaming the game is included in this now! However, there are no extra keys being added to the drop rate so it’s being kept exactly the way it was at launch.

It’s definitely much easier to get a Valorant Beta Access key now from Twitch but this does not mean you definitely will get a key! They are being randomly dropped across all Valorant Twitch streams.

Can I buy a Valorant Beta Access key?

If you’re looking to buy a Valorant Beta Access Key then remember that some users are selling ‘keys’ that they don’t have yet. So, they are selling a ‘pre-order’ for the key they don’t have yet and you might not get before the beta is closed. Other sellers might have prices already up but they can’t sell you a key since they don’t have any. Valorant Beta Access keys are hard to get and as a result, there’s not many of them available for sale either.

If you decide you definitely want to buy a Valorant Beta Access key then do remember to check what the seller is actually offering. Make sure they have a Valorant key to immediately sell and take a close look at that website as well to make sure it’s one you want to buy from. If you want to be sure that you are getting a genuine key fast, make sure to choose a trusted provider from platform like

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