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Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest operating system and many people use it on their computers, whether they are laptops or desktops. Even though it has been praised by lots of users, this OS has its own problems and the biggest one seems to be related to updates. Lots of people complain on forums that the latest Windows 10 update failed, sometimes making it impossible to use the computer again. If you’ve gone through that experience, here are some ways you can fix it:

  • Try to clean restart your computer
  • If you can still use the computer, check drivers and run updates if necessary
  • Restore system files
  • If you cannot use the computer, access the BIOS
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Restarting Your Computer If Windows 10 Failed To Update

In most cases, if the Windows 10 update failed, people can still use their computers, meaning that they have many solutions for the problem. One of the fixes is to simply restart your PC, as sometimes the OS encounters some errors and it needs a refresh. While many people look for complicated solutions, performing a clean restart is enough in certain situations.

Check Drivers And Run Updates

If the Windows 10 update failed to install, the reason might be an outdated driver, so make sure they are all up to date. To do so, go to your computer’s manufacturer’s website and search for the drivers or simply download software which automatically detects your drivers and tells you if there’s any update available. If the problem still persists, try to run the Windows troubleshooter, as it can sometimes identify the errors and fix them. No failed installation should stop you from reading casino reviews, so finding a solution is crucial and you should try all the possible ways to fix the failed update.

Windows Tablet
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Check If There Are Any System Files That Need To Be Restored

This fix might seem a little bit complicated for those who don’t know too much about computers but if you follow all the steps, it is really simple. If the Windows 10 update failed, there might be a problem with the system files, so you have to restore them to their initial form, to make sure they were not affected by the update. To do so, just go to the Windows icon, type ‘command prompt’ in the search bar, click on ‘Command Prompt’ and type dism /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth. After you hit enter, the computer will proceed to restore the system files that were harmed.

How To Fix The Windows 10 Update Failed Loop

Lots of users experienced a situation in which their operating system failed to update and the computer won’t start. This is commonly known as the Windows 10 update failed loop and it sends your OS into a loop in which the Windows logo stays on your screen for hours, attempting to finish the update. The best way to fix this is to enter your computer’s BIOS and change the date. This will fool your computer into thinking it was taken back in time before the update took place and will restore your PC to the day you chose.

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