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Some countries surprise us more than others. Like the Netherlands turned out to be not only about canals, windmills, and bicycles. This country is apparently a perfect place for startups. It occupies the third position in the 2019 Global Innovation Index and can boast over 10 prominent hubs, which offer first-class acceleration and incubation. As a bonus, starting with 2015 entrepreneurs from non-European countries can obtain a one-year startup visa for launching a business under Dutch mentor supervision. If you are as interested in start-ups as we are and are waiting impatiently for new launches, continue reading and we’ll tell you about the latest releases on the market!

The most prominent start-ups

Before naming certain start-ups, we would like to tell you about the key benefits any emerging company should supply. Without them, it is impossible to contribute to the market and leave a mark on the global arena. These benefits include a generous PTO policy, health help apart from the regular insurance, practical goodies at the office, and assistance when working from home. We are happy to say that most of the launches that are mentioned in this article can boast all the above features (and even more). Let’s start with Blade. It is a technology company, which works on creating foundational layers for crypto trading. With its help, you can trade not only Bitcoin but also Altcoins with a 150x leverage. Radpay is another anticipated startup, which is based in Phoenix and is going to change the $30+ trillion card payment industry. With the help of a patented merchant card payment mechanism, the start-up is going to blend mobile devices and distributed ledger technologies for maximum security and transparency. One of the most popular representatives of the start-up era is Midnite, an esports betting platform from a team that stands behind Dribble, a well-known football app. The team has raised around $2,5 million of funding. Even though it still operates in a beta mode, the platform has already obtained a UK betting license and is ready to enter the global betting world. Due to UK license, Midnite is the only esports betting website, which allows players from the UK and has enough energy to conquer the global market. Don’t forget about Solidia – a company, which uses a patented approach of replacing limestone with a unique synthetic material to address the problem of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. And there is Shape Therapeutics – a unique enterprise, which will alter our RNA to fix mutations and even eliminate illnesses. It was founded in 2018 and has raised over $35 million in November 2019, which allowed Shape Therapeutics to hire staff and open an office in Cambridge.

What’s new in iGaming?

Let’s move to a more trivial market and concentrate on iGaming. It is not a secret that government attempts to regulate online casinos in the Netherlands failed completely and the same happens worldwide. Thus opening the market to new start-ups. So what are the trends that we can expect in 2020? It is said that the gaming and gambling market will spoil us with the following features:

  • Crypto as a common way of making payments;
  • Accessing online gambling platforms even from restricted areas. Due to crypto, users’ personal data remains anonymous and it’s impossible to localize their place of stay;
  • Increase in the free-to-play offers for mobile gamblers;
  • Higher popularity of live dealer games;
  • Virtual reality casinos, which will erase borders between gambling and gaming.

And the last but not the least important news is that the SGIF or the Sports Gambling Investment Fund, an organization that focuses on the legalized sports betting, has established the first venture fund. It is dedicated to finding, funding, and of course monitoring start-ups in the field of online and offline gambling.

Don’t miss a single release

Every day tens or even hundreds of companies emerge but hardly half of them are worth our attention. If you want to be aware of the latest trends and to be among the first to try out new start-ups and apps, we recommend following our news and posts. Nothing extra – just useful and up-to-date information.

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