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Ultimate Settings Panel was a C# learning project started a number of years ago, just something very basic for me to get to learn the ins and outs of Visual Studio and C#.

Since then, I have continued to develop and update the utility as it unexpectedly became more popular. To this day, between direct downloads on our own site here and downloads through software distribution sites like MajorGeeks (over 65,000 downloads) and Softpedia, Ultimate Settings Panel now has over approximately 250,000 downloads.

Keeping it up to date

I have tried to keep up to date with what people have been requesting to add to Ultimate Settings Panel, especially with the introduction of savable themes and colour schemes. However, the time has come to let go of Ultimate Settings Panel and allow C# developers a lot better than myself to take over.

I just do not have the spare time like I used to, to be able to spend any length of time adding new features to Ultimate Settings Panel or keeping it up to date. I do not want to just let it die though, so having been asked for the source code for years and refusing to give it out, I’ve now decided that the time is right to make the source code publicly available and hope that others can take it on and make it a better product.

Requested Features

Over time, I have been asked to include a number of new features to Ultimate Settings Panel. Some I have managed to include, but others I’ve not. Below are a few requests that I have had from people over time, hopefully the GitHub community can get these features added:

  • Drag and drop tabs – the ability to be able to move the tabbed panels around to whichever order the user would like
  • Hide tabs – the ability to hide tabs that are not required by the user
  • New tabs – the ability to add new tabs and drag buttons from existing tabs to it – effectively creating a customised tab for the user
  • Portable version of Ultimate Settings Panel

If you have any ideas for new features that you would like to be added to Ultimate Settings Panel, then please leave us a comment below in the comments section and I can get it added as a requested featured on the GitHub repository page.


No that I have decided to hand over the source code for Ultimate Settings Panel, I thought that the only correct place to put it would be GitHub. If you are not familiar with GitHub, it is like a developer social network where people share source code, ideas and can make amendments to code all with source control included. It is the best and safest place to put the source code.

I will be adding some other programs’ source code that I have developed over the years to GitHub soon so you should also look out for them on my GitHub profile available here.  But for now, you can get access to Ultimate Settings Panel source code and updates on it’s GitHub repository available here.

The Future

I hope that the program will continue to evolve and provides some people with a little help. Over the years I’ve had abuse from random internet keyboard warriors about releasing such a simple program (why bother downloading it then?) but I have also had many emails from older people and people who are not technically minded who have found it incredibly useful to them, so there is a market for it.

I’m looking forward to what it may become, thanks for reading.

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