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Have you ever tried a cam chat site? If not, you are missing out on some serious fun. If yes, which is your favourite one? Sometimes, we just think that the sites we actively use are the sites best in the business.

But, some gem of video chat sites is silent winners in the game. There are some extremely great chat sites that have been crafted to perfection. They honour any and every requirement that an online user of chat sites might have. 

5 Best Video Chat Sites

Talking about perfect sites and perfect interface, below are some most coveted chat sites that have marked their territory as the most appreciated sites. Every and any feature you can think of, these ChatSites provide:

Emerald Chat

Emerald Chat is an online video chat service that works in a web-based fashion. What makes this platform superior to any and every other online chatting service are the value-added features that it has in place.

Further, Emerald Chat is extremely popular because of the additional tinge of fiction that it brings to the chat. Ergo, you can select the avatar of your choice and the username that deems fit for you.

You can consider it to be an ideal way to chat and interact with people through your own virtual identity. The person on the other side (whom you are chatting with) will only see your avatar and your user name. It is used extensively by people who have a knack for fiction. 

Only role playing site

While there are many online chatting sites that offer online chatting services, Emerald Chat is exceptionally well. This is because of the fictional component it offers, something that still eludes other chat sites.

You can keep trying different avatars and usernames. So, there can also be a component of experimentation. You can experiment with different avatars and usernames. As you can use avatars and usernames, so can other people. Hence, the entire process becomes a fun-filled experience. 

Only Genuine Profiles

Even if you use dating platforms, you would know that not all people are genuine or real. Some people are just pretending to be someone else. There are fake pictures, fake profiles and you always run a risk of running into people like that.

This actually is one of the primary risks that keep people from using online chatting or dating platforms. To make it worse, a lot of online crimes are also increasing with the passage of each day. But, with Emerald Chat, you do not have to worry about this.

As you will be directly chatting with people, you will see them for who they are. You will be seeing people in real-time on their videos, and so will they. Therefore, this eliminates the risk of encountering fake people. 


Emerald Chat does not ask you for any subscription and is free. Most other websites claim to be free but are not. In the end when you are about to begin a chat, they will ask you to pay. Furthermore, some of the basic functionality will only be available to you after you have paid. 

Emerald Chat is completely free. It will not seek any payment from you. You can be convinced about the fact that Emerald chat is absolutely free to use. Despite being free and available to all, Emerald chat is known for having a very sophisticated and classy user base.

Chat Anonymously

You can chat anonymously through Emerald Chat. Yes, you do not need to reveal your identity to use this platform. Your personal and private details are not even sought in the first place. Therefore, you can be relieved that your chatting will be discreet. 


Chatrandom allows you to chat randomly with strangers. You can chat with strangers from around the world as Chatrandom is well known as a platform devoid of hassles, cost and identity. You also do not need to register to be able to use this site.

All it takes for you to use Chatrandom is to allow camera access to the platform. Once that is done, you are good to go with respect to seamless online chatting. 


Chatki is an immensely popular video chat site. It allows people from all over the world to engage in friendly engagements with each other. People can chat with each other immediately. You can just chat your time away with someone who is based thousands of miles away from you.

The platform has a very cosy interface. This means that you can easily use it, even if you have never used a video chatting platform before. You have to use it to know how incredibly simple it is to operate with. 


Commeet is a simple, elegant and trustworthy solution with respect to online chatting platforms. It is much sought after for the ease and convenience it offers to the users. It is free to use and has massive patronage from all around the world. 

You can instantly connect with people immediately. There will be no communication hassles of any sort. The video interface quality is also very perfect. 


Chatspin is also very trusted as a video chatting platform because of its turnaround time. You can quickly hop from one person to another without any delays. You do not have to feign any sort of interest. 

If you like someone, you can continue to chat with them. This is all that matters. In case there are people you do not like, you can skip them and move on to the next. As simple as that. 


So, if you are wondering which is the cam chat site, the above five alternatives are the best in the business. These ChatSites provide the perfect interface and a safe space for others to interact. 

As far as user safety is concerned, these sites are perfect in offering security in interactions. There is no leakage of data or information. You can have as many interactions as you want. Only your interest in communicating with others matters. 

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