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Counter Strike Global Offensive was released in late 2009. So the game today is over 12 years old. But why is this game still topping the charts? Well, having a look at the player base via steam charts, the average active players playing the game is at 586,428 monthly, peaking at 700K. So, it is safe to say that this game is very popular. In this article you’ll read about some reasons behind the success of this title. 

Skins & the market

Also, another aspect of the game brings cosmetics and skins to the front; something loved by the community as well. Being able to customise and personalise everything will remain loved in the games. However, skins can reach high prices making them sort of inaccessible to a lot of players. CSGO hub CSGORadar can help you to get your hands on sweet skins for less. The market of CS:GO and steam are wild, with the most expensive skin (AK-47 Case Hardened) reaching well over 25K now. Don’t be surprised when casual skins reach up into the 100$ range. But, there are plenty of skins out there too that are under the 50$ or even the 25$ range. 

Let talk about CS:GO’s graphics 

In an age where in-game screenshots are hard to differentiate from a real picture it is not a surprise to say that CS:GO is far behind in terms of graphics. However, you should know that Counter Strike has gone through some graphics changes over the years, and also updated the system requirements. So thinking the graphics are from 2010 is not really true. However, the improvements have been very mild and have been pushed out through the form of updates. But one big thing is that people are in love with old-school, simple and clutter-free designs. People love the fiction of the maps, and they come back for more each time. 

CS:GO Weapons & balancing (or the lack of) 

Valve, the creators of the video game counter strike, won’t update or balance weapons a lot, creating a meta and knowledge base that stays consistent and the same. With other games where certain things receive buffs and nerfs year round, you would have to change and adapt your playstyle each time. So, that’s why many people keep returning to this title, since playing it is already in their fingers and muscle memory. Don’t be surprised if you see someone playing the game for a few thousand hours over the years. 

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