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A lot changed and have continued changing since the on-set of COVID-19 and the fitness industry is not an exemption. With this thing that we call the “new normal,” there have been many different trends and these are the trends that have helped numerous people get on track on an individual scale and have transformed the fitness industry outlook on a general scale. Nowadays, an increasing number of people have shifted their point of view or even their attitude to fitness that it has become not only an option for people wanting to look good but also a choice for the rest who want to feel good as they keep minor sickness to chronic diseases at bay.

Fitness Industry Outlook Trends

Fitness is an important part of every human being’s life which is why it can be considered as something really worth paying attention to. But for people to reap the benefits of becoming and staying fit, they need to find that kind of routine that they can stick to and amp up it a bit as needed as they go on in their pursuit to fitness and health.

Fortunately, now, even in the time of the pandemic, fitness options have somehow evolved such that people who want to be healthy and strong shall work out using various methods, mediums, and even technology in order to achieve their specific goals. Here are five of the most notable trends that have emerged during the year and are bound to have a huge impact on the succeeding year.

1. Bodyweight training

People in bodyweight training use their own body to get into shape when exercising such as doing planks and push ups where you gain muscular strength and endurance by sustaining a position or doing repetitions that use nothing but a person’s weight. No other workout equipment needed. This allowed people to multi-task, especially the busy bees, and just insert bodyweight training routines while they watch a movie, sing a song, or finish a task, anytime, anywhere.

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2. Kids and Senior Fitness

These two have been around for years. However, it is only now when more and more senior citizens have come to realize that they still need to invest in fitness and health even at old age. The same holds true for kids as a substantial number of them have come to understand that it is best to start young especially in developing discipline to stay fit and healthy.

The pandemic has brought some positive effects like several seniors right now have become significantly more health conscious than before COVID-19 hit the world. But because of the limitations in movements, senior citizens might need personalized workout routines to keep them in shape. In the same way, kids need guidance when they work out or enroll in events like boot camps where they can be physically active.

3. Certifications for fitness professionals

Seeing such a high need for people to stay as fit as possible in this trying time, the demand for fitness professionals and personal trainers has grown exponentially. Considering that even those with special needs or movement restrictions have joined the bandwagon, more and more individuals have appreciated the importance of trusted pros and trainers and this is why one of the trends these days is to make an effort to become a certified personal trainer or a fitness professional.

4. On-the-Go Fitness Technology

From as simple as a smartphone application to record and back-up health data to a state-of-the-art wearable technology, a growing percentage of individuals in this tech age are investing in on-the-go fitness technology that is often embedded in mobile gadgets that they can use on a regular basis to track the progress of their fitness journey and see results as they hit their fitness goals one at a time.

5. Diet plans

The thing with a diet plan is that it can work for certain people at a particular time. This is the reason why people have been extra careful now in choosing which can work for them like the Noom Diet plan that complements a health program to work wonders to the body when done right. It is good news to have on-the-go-fitness technologies that come with genius features such as but are not limited to calorie tracking and virtual personal diet coach. You can actually ask yourself this: is noom worth it? Or any related apps knowing that they help largely in tracking what people eat and how to improve their food choices and eating habits?

Tailor-fit your fitness

The reason why there are a lot of trends that now exist to change the face of fitness and the way people appreciate it is because there is no way to come up with only one solution for all. While there are fitness hacks that work for some people, these might not work for the rest. This is the reason one needs to consult their trusted physician and work out with certified trainers so one can have a fitness program that is tailor-fitted to his or her specific needs. All these trends come to existence just to remind people that there is always an option for them to achieve their goals.

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