man holding white teacup in front of gray laptop launched the Job Matcher: Define what success means to you in 6 questions

Discover the Job Matcher, a tool developed by, the scale-up leader on the French tech recruitment market and promising challenger in European countries where it operates, interviewed and surveyed hundreds of developers to understand what key factors mattered when thinking about career choices.  If you are a tech talent thinking about your next career…

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A person interacts with a futuristic tablet, touching a glowing screen, which emits a bright light amidst a backdrop of digital binary code and transport industry elements.

How software can help in the transport industry?

We no longer ride our horses to work. Transport technology encompasses all modes of transportation that humans utilize to move from one location to another on time, pleasantly, and safely. Transportation technology advancements are undergoing a revolution. It is revolutionizing the design, construction, and operation of transportation networks. It’s used by transportation providers to truck…

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