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It is never fun to work on a computer that fails to meet your expectations. One of the reasons for disappointment has to be the overall performance. While it is natural that such an aspect dwindles in quality over time, there are ways to help yourself.

Macbooks are one of the most popular brands in the world and every owner wants nothing but the best. There are more than a handful of methods to increase the loading speed and all that. Interested in finding out what they are? Continue reading this article.

Cleanup Software

More often than not, one of the biggest factors behind the overall decrease in the performance of a Macbook is all the files that accumulate over time. And these are not just any kinds of files. Duplicates, caches, and all that stuff are impossible to get rid of manually.

You will have to use mac cleanup software to ensure that everything is carried out correctly. And you can find plenty of options depending on your needs, or even look for one that offers an all-in-one package. The time it takes to clean depends on how old the computer is and whether you have done anything of the kind in the past.

Startup Items

Go to System Preferences and click on Users and Groups. Select your username and start working on the list of startup items. 

Every application that launches together with a Macbook is responsible for slowing it all down. There is no need to have this in the first place unless you are going to be using something immediately. 

Reduce the number of startup items to a bare minimum and you will immediately notice how much faster your computer loads.

Mac OS

Speeding Up Your Macbook and Enjoying Its Performance 1

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It is quite important to ensure that your Macbook is up to date not just for all the great features. Security patches and every other hotfix are essential, and it would not be a stretch to say that Apple is at the top of their game when it comes to optimization fixes.

Most updates are automatic but you should still check in every once in a while. There might be some that fail to update completely, leaving you in a pretty bad place.


Apple has introduced MacOS Sierra, and with it came a great feature of optimizing storage. It opens up more space on the hard drive and improves speed. 

Malware Scan

Malware is one of those things that happen when you least expect it. Most individuals have anti-virus software that prevents the problem, but some tend to neglect this part and do not bother with ensuring their security.

Well, it should be noted that anti-virus software does not take that much of a space and it benefits a computer more than most applications. There is absolutely no shame in taking security more seriously. Who knows, it might be a simple virus that is behind all the problems you are experiencing.

Uninstall Useless Apps

Speeding Up Your Macbook and Enjoying Its Performance 2

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Something that takes up hard drive space for no reason should not on your computer. Everyone has a number of applications that they no longer use and just have it simply due to the laziness of deleting it.

Well, if you want to make your Macbook run smoother, you should find some motivation and do some cleaning of your own.


Speaking of doing some cleaning, if you have not had a chance to clean all the dust inside and outside, that should be one of your priorities. You can find products that help with this sort of thing. Dust and other dirt cause temperature increase as well, so if you notice that the computer is overheating, do not wait any longer.

Delete Files

Another way to free up more space is by deleting various files that serve no purpose. Look at the list and sort it by size. You are bound to find some to get rid of. And if you delete something by accident, you can always restore the files and prevent any potential data loss.

Keep in mind that you can also transfer some of your stuff to cloud-based software or even a USB drive or two.

Adding More RAM and Buying an SSD

Speeding Up Your Macbook and Enjoying Its Performance 3

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These days, finding a great and cheap solid-state drive should not be a problem. It would not be a stretch to say that it could be the best investment. The same sentiment applies to RAM. The prices have really dropped and everyone can afford these accessories to boost the performance.


In case your desktop is cluttered with various icons, salvage that situation by putting them into folders. Show that you are not a messy person and organize. It is difficult to fathom how some people are able to find what they are looking for, not to mention the fact that the overall performance of a computer suffers heavily too.

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