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An Interesting Time

There is no doubt that we are living in a very interesting time in human history. Technology has been advancing rapidly, and one particular space that is both spooky and fascinating simultaneously is the AI and robotics space. AI seems like it is getting more and more advanced at a breathtaking pace. AI has become so sophisticated that it is often hard for a person to tell the difference between an AI interaction and a human one.

This has prompted many to wonder just what happens when robots sound too much like humans? This could hold a lot of potential legal ramifications, as many feel a person should be alerted whether or not they are talking to a robot. Others are saying this is a security and/or privacy breach, others however, say that AI is the future of technology.

Doing it For You

So why are so many obsessed with AI? Well it is because many want the artificial intelligence to do the work that would otherwise be done by a human. From a business perspective this makes a lot of sense, but the technology is even making its way into the private space. These robots are making phone calls on behalf of people, meaning a doctor’s appointment or even a call for delivery pizza can be done for you by a robot. It is the convenience of this that has so much appeal for many.

Google Duplex for instance, an AI program running the call feature, can perform tasks like setting up an appointment with almost no human interaction or intervention. Google Duplex is a program that is still in development, but the Microsoft version, Xiaoice is already making a lot of headway in China. This is a key move for Microsoft, as getting traction there will spell promising things for the AI assistant.

Some Shielding

One of the first things you might worry about when hearing that robots are making phone calls now is spam calls. Even before robots could make autonomous calls we have had a prolific problem with spam calls, whether telemarketers, salesman, or outright scammers. Thankfully, while the technology to assault the established phone lines gets more sophisticated, so does the shielding tech.

With a list of spam phone numbers, you can block calls before they happen. This will prevent a lot of headaches down the line with a just a little bit of preparation.

A Virtual World

With so many advances coming out in the tech industry, one might be prompted to wonder just what will they think of next? Just how many more technological advances can you come up with, and how many more do people really need? Well Google is certainly pushing that envelope and answering that question with their new AI assistant.

The virtual world is expanding and growing, robots are becoming more sophisticated and changing the digital landscaping forever. The future will be an interesting place, one filled with every assortment of pretty much anything you can imagine. If you thought the internet was strange when it was full of people, imagine when it also gets flooded with robots.

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