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Ever came up with the situation when you deleted some important files of yours by mistake. Then you wished if those files could be recovered but all you did was wishing. Not anymore, Now Recover Deleted Files easily by Free Data Recovery Software i.e. “EaseUS Data Recovery Software”; a very user-friendly software.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software comes up with two versions. One version is for Windows and the other is for Mac. Here, to show you how much user-friendly this software is, I will show you how it works on Windows.

Extracting the Data Recovery Software:

The program is very easy to install. The (exe.) File takes minutes to download and install. Installation wizard is just a simple clicking process without any complications.

After installation process, the Software will launch automatically if you have allowed it during installation process.

Hands-on the Software:

When you open the software, you do not get a big menu in front of you, a few icons at the top which cover everything from language to the help section. A very clean UI which makes this software user friendly.

1st Step (What to Search):

First at the home window, choose which type of file or files you are searching for. A document, Graphics, Audio, Video, Email or others. Check the required boxes and click next.

On next screen, you are required to choose which area you want the wizard to look at to find the files. Only one location at a time can be searched to make sure the software works well.

2nd Step (Quick Scan):

Quick scan as shows is a fast option that gives quick response. It takes less than 5 minutes for this Free Data Recovery Software to complete a quick scan. By Clicking the Scan option, you start the quick scan which lasts in about 5 minutes. Normally, files are found by the quick scan. If files are not found, follow the 3rd Step.

3rd Step (Deep Scan):

If the files are not found by the quick scan, then you can Recover deleted files by applying the Deep Scan. The Deep scan will take a good 2 to 3 hours to search every single folder on your computer. It will scan 100 times more files then the quick scan.

This scan takes a longer period, so EaseUS recovery wizard gives this option to users to preview all the files that are recovered while the scan is still in progress. If you find the required file, you can stop the search right there.

4th Step (Recover the Data):

When you complete the scanning process and find the required files, you need to click on the required files and then click on the Recover option at the Bottom-Right Corner. Then Choose the file destination, where you want to save the file. It’s better not to choose the destination where the file was previously placed because a possible reason you lost that file can be the damaged drive.

Save the Scan Results:

You can also save the scan results by clicking on “Export Scan Status” which will create a file for you as a Recovery State File. Later on, these results can be imported by clicking on “Import Scan Status” at the top of the window.

Free Trial:

The software only charges from you after you make sure that this software can actually recover files for you. The software allows free scan to find the required files. But if you want to recover the file, you need to buy the Software. They allow you to check the software before spending money on it so that you make sure this software is really helpful.

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