Gambling has been a major part of our history for at least a few thousand years. The ever-evolving world of gambling certainly hasn’t stopped its development yet. The last thirty years of technological advancements had made casinos readily available for everybody who either has a smartphone, a laptop, or a PC with internet access. With recent pandemic-related events, we’ve seen a considerable increase in the number of players, too.

Casino online stand firm against their land-based counterparts with a vast array of different games. In fact, I believe that they have quite a bit of advantage over traditional establishments. Because the availability is far higher, the online casino industry has become an empire currently worth $59 billion, expected to reach $127 billion by 2027. Here are the most known, liked and popular games provided by online suppliers. These are all games that can be played with real money.


Slots comprise more than 32% of gambling revenue, making it second only to sports betting. Once called the one-armed bandit in the bygone days, slots are among the most popular activities on an online casino’s offer. Now, even though there are countless versions of them, they work on the same principles. In fact, there are virtually no tactics you can use with slots; all you need to do is set the wager and press spin. It’s as simple as that. If you get a certain combination of symbols, you win. 

Nowadays, there are slot games that can fully captivate you with their excellent animation, great graphics and plenty of features. Progressive jackpots are perhaps the most attractive to players, as these increase the value you can win. Furthermore, there are many slot games based on popular shows, video games, and even ones where they have a whole topical universe associated with them.

The most popular video slot games include NetEnt’s Mega Fortune and Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, offering great progressive jackpots.


With its origins somewhere in the 19th century’s USA, poker has grown to be one of the most acclaimed card games worldwide. Plenty of tournaments are being hosted even at this time all over the world. The most popular version of poker, Texas Hold’em, consists of the dealer giving each player two cards, and then, as the round progresses, he lays out cars faces up on the table, with which the players make certain combinations. One with the highest score wins.

Poker has found its appeal among gamblers, mostly due to its highly tactical and psychological aspect. It’s not random like slots. Players have quite a large degree of control over what happens. Now, you can have a lucky day and win everything, but in the long run, specific strategies are what make you win. One can try their chances in poker via free mobile apps, but there are lots of tournaments with small buy-ins, even of $1. That’s undoubtedly not a fortune while it can enable you to have lots of great fun, especially if you know your way with cards.


Originating in France, in the 18th century, roulette is another game that found worldwide acclaim by gamblers. It’s a fairly simple concept of a wheel with numbers, either black or red, and one zero, in the European version, two zeros in the American version. Now, the players bet either on black, red or zero (green) and have a chance to double their deposit with black or red or win thirty-five times the bet with a zero. There are some other rules, but they’re pretty intricate and I don’t want to get into them.

The European roulette is far more prevalent among gamblers, as it offers the lowest house edge of 1.36%, compared to 2.70% of the French version and 5.26%. Because American roulette has two green slots, the chances immediately go down, as the possibility of losing increases. Roulette can be compared to slots, in terms of the randomness aspect, though far more advanced. There are specific strategies that can help you increase your odds.


Previously known as Vingt-et-Un (French for 21), blackjack is another fan favourite among online players. As a relatively simple concept, it’s pretty appealing to new players, especially considering the fact that blackjack has the lowest house edge out of all games. While there are plenty of techniques such as card counting you can use when playing offline, you can’t utilise them in online casinos, as the cards are shuffled each round. The rules of blackjack are straightforward to grasp. Blackjack’s primary premise is that you get two cards that are scored in a particular way and can’t go over 21. You have some moves you can do as well.

The main moves include hitting, which is taking an additional card to increase your score, standing, which means that you don’t take any extra cards, and splitting which means taking your two cards of the same value and separating them into two different hands. The last move requires you to bet again. There’s also the possibility to double your bet, as well as surrender, sacrificing half of your wager if you deem your hand bad.

With the most basic tactics, blackjack’s house edge can be reduced to 0.5%. There are quite a bit of blackjack kinds, with the most sought after being the one with using just one deck to play. This further increases your odds.

Sports Betting

While betting is not a casino game per se, this activity is, by far, the most popular among gamblers, comprising as much as 42% of the online casino overall revenue. These days you can bet virtually on anything, from a particular player getting a yellow card, through point spread, overall score and finally the result. There are many more sorts of bets in between of course. Betting consists of you picking a game you’d like to bet on, setting the amount, and then winning the wager multiplied on your odds. Furthermore, you can also combine your bets to multiply the odds by each other, making the payout far larger, but with a lower chance of winning.

Sports betting is so appealing to gamblers, as it allows you to win big using particular tactics. Now, these strategies require an immense amount of research and statistical analysis, but one can even make a living out of it. 

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