Lenovo BIOS Update Return Codes

I have recently been working on updating BIOS’s for a fleet of various Lenovo models and I started getting all sorts of different return codes from them. They were not standard SCCM codes so I had to lookup what these return codes were. Below is a table to show all the return codes you get from installing a BIOS on a Lenovo device.

Return CodeValueDescription
RET_SUCC_REBOOTING0BIOS update is successful and system will reboot. (normal update)
RET_SUCC_NOTREBOOTING1BIOS update is successful and system does not reboot. (silent update)
RET_UNDEFINED-1WINUPTP Option is undefined.
RET_FAIL_DRIVER_LOAD-2Driver(tpflhlp.sys) failed to load.
RET_FAIL_UNSUPPORTEDSYSTEM-3This utility does not support this system or OS.
RET_FAIL_NEEDADMINRIGHTS-4This utility requires Administrator privileges to run.
RET_FAIL_NOBIOSIMAGEFORSYSTEM-5BIOS image file does not match this system.
RET_FAIL_BADECIMAGE-6EC image file is damaged.
RET_FAIL_NOECIMAGEFORSYSTEM-7EC image file does not match this system.
RET_FAIL_NOLOGOIMAGEFORSYSTEM-8The custom start up image file is missing or not a supported format.
RET_FAIL_NEEDPOWER-10AC/Battery is detached or battery is not charged.
Table of Lenovo BIOS Update Return Codes
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