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In the current era, it is extremely important to secure your data. It does not matter which device you’re using. Any data from any devices can be tracked or hacked. That’s why, nowadays, everybody knows what is the VPN. The VPN, in general, is a virtual private network. It is a private tunnel-connection between several personal computers, notebooks or other gadgets. VPN secures Internet traffic from eavesdropping, tampering, any types of censorship. VPN also works as a proxy service, which allows you to anonymously use the web, wherever your location is.

The VPN can work in two layers. The first layer is the internal web, the second is the external one. Connecting to the private network server, the system identifies your web, after that it sends an authentication request. One of the world’s fastest VPN is IPVanish VPN. IPVanish is lightning fast. Has no traffic logs and very simple setup. That’s why people like this VPN. IPVanish has got one of the best VPN infrastructures on the planet. It can deliver online privacy and freedom users desire.

IP Vanish VPN Laptop Screen
IP Vanish VPN

Reasons to use IPVanish

Speaking of VPN in general, you simply able to turn your real IP address invisible and your ubiety untrackable. There is a wide range of choices, just choose any server in any of the world countries.VPN uses highly secure coding to protect information from spying. You can freely use the Internet, connecting to any Internet access point, and not worry that someone can track your actions.

  • IPVanish velocity

 Users who’s tried other VPN, understand that most likely your internet speed will decrease. With IPVanish you don’t need to sacrifice your high-speed. IPVanish allows you to access your favorite streaming services and event online with no speed loss. 

  • The industries premier network

 Other providers rely heavily on third-parties and outsource their network management. Not IPVanish. We manage our entire network infrastructure in-house. Because we have total control over our hardware and points-of-presence, we’re able to guarantee the top speeds in the business.

IP Vanish VPN Logo
IP Vanish VPN

The IPVanish network is custom built from the ground up to provide you with best-in-class VPN speeds, security, and reliability. Get instantly secured with our award-winning Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android apps. To encrypt your device, choose from the operating systems below.

Reliable Global Access

IPVanish operates over 1,2500 encrypted servers worldwide, with a server presence in more than 75 locations internationally. This allows us to deliver the fastest encrypted connections for all, regardless of location. VPN works fine on all devices, whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, router or tablet. Simply install one of the VPN applications on any of your devices and don’t be afraid that your privacy may be invaded. No technical skills needed. There is nothing easier. These applications are usable for all operational systems.

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