Printing is always a great business idea; people love to have objects customized, from images to words. It’s only become more and more popular in the last forty years. With the digital age, getting product out to customers, and offering a variety, is easier than ever.

Here are the six necessary steps to building your own printing company and moving towards success.

Decide What You’re Printing and On What

This one is the most natural and most obvious step to start your business. You must decide on a vision, and a plan, for your company so that you can keep an eye on its trajectory. Although you can offer many items, the upfront cost will be higher for that. It’s easier to pick one or two things, like mugs, tee-shirts, or stickers.

Research Other Companies Already Doing What You Want To

Scope out your potential competition and decide what they’re doing that you like or hate. What sets your company apart from theirs? What can you do to improve on what they already have working for them? Consider how they advertise, communicate with customers, and ship out their products.

This step is less fun, more stressful, but still incredibly important. Look into machines, sign software, and the space you’ll need for all of it. Make sure you consider everything your company will need to run, but don’t go overboard. If your upfront costs are too high, your business will have trouble recovering from it. Look into the taxes and fees needed to incorporate and move forward with the necessary steps to follow through. 

Deciding On Hosting And Advertising

Unlike business of twenty years ago, and further beyond that, you no longer have to have a physical storefront. Save money on rent, or a mortgage, and allow your customers to buy from anywhere in the world. You can host your own website, or go through another site like Etsy.

When advertising, heavily consider the apps and sites you use. Twitter and Instagram are a necessity, but find things closer to your niche if available.

Set Up Business And Make Samples

It’s time to put that machinery to use! Exciting and fun, it’s time to make some high-quality samples to post on your site and social media. Make sure the photos are well lit, and the designs and items look professional.

If you can, offer custom designs to customers for a price – this will draw in more traffic. Get your site going and start bringing in customers.

Make First Sales and Carry Through

You’ve done it! Now’s the time to stick to your guns. Make sure that each project is made well, with attention to detail, and shipped out promptly. Keep documents detailing your sales, and ensure that your taxes and fees get paid on time. There may not be much room for it in your budget, but advertising now is incredibly relevant. Let your products get seen as far as they can be, and entice new customers!

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