Microsoft release the next version of Windows 10 today called the Fall Creators Update. This update will become available to the general public as it is rolled out over the next few days and weeks. This means that just running your normal Microsoft Updates will be enough for it to upgrade and load onto your machine.

But, what if you want it right now?

Well, there is a way to jump the queue and get this update installed on your machine right now…

There are two ways for the public to get this update depending on what suits you best:

  • Use the Upgrade Assistant. Just click the Update Now button on the web page and go from there.
  • Use the Media Creation Tool which will enable you to create a USB drive or DVD to install across multiple machines.

If you are a Windows Insider member then you can install it from the Release Preview ring.


We have not updated any of our machines just yet so cannot comment on whether it is actually any good or not, so we would love to hear your feedback on it. Just post a message in our comments section at the bottom of this page!

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