Adobe Reader DC version 2001

If you have a requirement to use a MSI installer for Adobe Reader XI for deployment through Group Policy or SCCM, it can be frustrating trying to find it online. However, there is a very simple command that you can run to build or extract the MSI yourself using the standard executable file that Adobe do make freely available.

The first thing you need to do is to download the latest version of Adobe Reader in the standard executable format. As I write this post, the latest version is 11.0.3 so I’ll be using this for demonstration purposes.

Open up a command prompt and navigate to the location of your executable file:

How to Extract an MSI Installer from Adobe Reader XI 1

Then type in the following command:

 AdbeRdr11003_en_US.exe -nos_oc:\AdobeReaderFiles -nos_ne  

This will now run through the process of building the MSI…

How to Extract an MSI Installer from Adobe Reader XI 2

Then puts the files into a folder at c:\AdobeReaderFiles

How to Extract an MSI Installer from Adobe Reader XI 3
You can then use the AcroRead.msi to deploy Adobe Reader and it also contains the MSP file for the 0.3 update which you can transpose into the deployment.
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