Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Today’s electronic devices and equipment would be unrecognisable to people even a decade ago. Few industries have benefited from this as much as the world of gaming. Advances in audio, visual, and gaming hardware fuelled this change. The technology is cheaper and, thanks to the internet, people can play with and against one another across the world.

One standout feature is the rapid growth of the gaming industry. There are an estimated 600 million more active video game-players in 2019 than five years ago. A lot of this is down to ease of access. The great developments in technology have made it easier and more affordable than ever for people to access games wherever they are. Cheaper consoles and computers, as well as mobile devices have seen to that.

This has also been aided by the development of accompanying gaming devices. Virtual and augmented reality is soon becoming mainstream thanks to massive improvements in the headsets and the complimentary items. Things like facial and gesture recognition also fit into this category, as does the advancements made to gaming controllers, keyboards, and computer mice.

The gaming hardware itself is also improving. Consoles, computers, and mobile devices are all much better than they were even a few years ago. This allows for better quality games both in terms of size and scale. 4K gaming is now the norm with players expecting high definition graphics and massive in-game worlds for single-player titles. Companies are delivering with this list of titles supporting 4K.

A lot of these improvements are being furthered by the growth of the internet. Online connections are now faster and more reliable than they ever were before. This has changed online gaming in a number of ways. Most notably, it has allowed users to play online with and against one another. Data can move between users and devices within the fraction of a second and this has also helped the spread of gaming. Players can download full games online or even stream them via the cloud with projects like Google Stadia.

This has all helped to transform the gaming industry and spread it out into whole new areas. Most notably, the mobile gaming sector has exploded in recent years. Mobile gaming is expected to grow to 45% of the total gaming industry by the end of 2019. That’s a huge change and it’s down to the growth of companies such as these.

Another rapidly growing sector is the online casino industry. This has seen rapid growth with sites like these being launched regularly. These sites are taking advantage of new technologies like the advances in mobile gaming as well as faster and more reliable internet connections. This allows users to game online wherever they are thanks to split-second data transfers.

It’s been an exciting few years for online gaming. New technologies have overhauled the industry and greatly increased what is possible for developers to create. The hardware, graphics, and accompanying devices are all improving which makes for a diverse gaming industry. These benefits are being felt in many places. The online casino industry has seen huge growth, as has the mobile gaming sector which now takes up almost half of the entire industry. Things will continue to change as new technologies are created.

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