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Before help desk software, employees answered incoming calls with limited line capacity for receiving multiple calls at the same time. Putting down their mug of Joe, they’d take the call and hastily scribble notes on a notepad as fast as the caller was speaking. Trying to make sense of the scribbles after the call was over wasn’t the only challenge they had; nothing was tied together.

Two different employees might have spoken to the same customer without knowing. There was no way to know other than to ask them. Customers would get frustrated going over the same information multiple times and the company would look disorganized. And then Help Desk Software came along, and life got so much easier.

Help Desk Software Groups Customer Communications Together

As highlighted in the introduction, when multiple employees have touched base with the customer across different communication channels (phone, email, live chat), it’s important to track it all – not only what was said on each channel, but who spoke to whom.

The customer may have called back to clarify a point or to confirm that they’d been successful in resolving the problem themselves. By having a centralized and thoroughly organized record, the company won’t spin its wheels solving a problem that’s already been fixed. Employees can see all points of contact and reference anything relevant to them. It’s a huge timesaver and makes customer service teams far more efficient.

Customer Details Readily Accessible

Using help desk software like SysAid, it’s possible to pull up customer information quickly. Customer service representatives can see who the person is that they’re talking to through Caller ID technologies. They can know whether they’re a billion-dollar company with a valuable account, someone who has recently become a customer, or an important industry or press contact using their service.

Having customer information to hand allows staff to make important, rapid decisions about which calls to push to a team leader or manager. Cases can be prioritized better as the calls, emails or live chats come in. They can also offer different solutions at a higher cost to the company when the customer represents a major corporation that they’re keen to expand their business with in the future.

Visualize All Outstanding Queries

All outstanding queries from customers (and prospective ones) are shown inside help desk software. The better software makes it much easier to quickly prioritize the most pressing cases, assign the best people to the customer query, and get things moving.

Customer service managers use a service desk feature (like the one provided by SysAid) to get a snapshot of the current state of play. They can instantly see how many queries are outstanding and whether a member of staff has been over-assigned. They’re then able to resolve potential bottlenecks before they happen. This just wasn’t possible before.

It’s difficult to imagine running a business now without a reliable help desk software package supporting the customer interactions. Previous companies struggled on without this software, but that shouldn’t be the case any longer.

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