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Esports has been one of the world’s most influential competitions in recent years. The various esports disciplines are steadily gaining an audience among the young and different age groups. The prize pools are also a big part of the appeal of these tournaments.

There are many reasons for the interest in esports to grow, and in the future to reach more and more fans around the world, including traditional sports enthusiasts.

More memorable moments

Compared to football, hockey and basketball, video games deliver more excitement per minute to the casual observer. Imagine watching a football game for the first time: the magic of sporting action grips you for a few minutes. Players enter the field, the commentator introduces them, but then the match starts, and there are fewer and less inspiring moments. However, many find a way to make any game more exciting, including a bet at a gambling operator, such as Karamba, which have a review at

Cybersport solves this problem by keeping your attention riveted and focused for the whole time. In any sport, collisions often create micro-pauses that affect the pace of play, but these interruptions are unnecessary in DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike. The esports matches are action-packed, and viewers are increasingly convinced that classic athleticism is slowly becoming outdated.

Every player is a brand

Classic sport is going the way of franchises and clubs, without which an athlete cannot build a career, become famous, get affiliate contracts and make money. Esports is advantageously different, as no one forbids playing a video game and streaming, even without being on a team and signing a professional contract.

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, a former Counter-Strike: GO champion whose Twitch channel has amassed almost 10 million followers, is a standout here. Also noteworthy is Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyeok, one of the best players in League of Legends, who gained more than three million followers on the same platform.

Every cyber athlete builds a personal brand before his career ends and tries to make his team and himself successful. Since traditional athletes’ careers are only increasing due to technological ways of preparing for matches, and esports players to retire at 22-25 is still the norm, players have to look for solutions that will extend their fame.

Plenty of developing esports programmes at colleges around the world

As esports has evolved over the years and has managed to become a worldwide phenomenon, parents began to ask the question, “how can my child build a professional career in this industry?” In response to this query, colleges have started to open up training programmes.

In America, more than 170 institutions have banded together in the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) to develop programmes together. In Europe, quite a few schools are opening, but often with a business bias, e.g. Spain, Finland.

Working in esports is not always a front line job: it is a lot of staff, management and internet brokers. This creates many jobs, which are also paid from the substantial prize money. More often than not, these sums are raised through advertising sponsorship of events and in-game purchases made by players, as in the case of DOTA 2.

Ease of viewing and accessibility

Some of the esports disciplines or genres, like MOBA, are not easy to understand. But the way the broadcasts are distributed negates this problem. From Twitch to Youtube, many platforms make it possible to watch any important events with commentaries in any language. More importantly: it’s easy to find a commentator who explains the events on the screen in an understandable way: whether you are a beginner, already played some, an experienced gamer or a pro.

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