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Artificial Intelligence is an attempt to recreate human intelligence within computers. Scientists and tech experts have been able to create AI machines and even robots that do work with human-like cognition, but most people in the niche believe the technology is not perfected yet. There may be some time to go before AI is the finished article, but it has already been adapted to keep us protected and enhance security.

AI already features in bricks-and-mortar casinos in devices such as cameras. These use facial recognition – just like we humans can recognise faces – to spot people who may be abusing the casinos through banned techniques such as card counting. Some AI cameras may even detect people who could be gambling underage.

Another way that AI can improve the security of the gambling industry is through online casinos. Online Gambling is the most significant contributor to the industry in most nations due to the ease of access and convenience with smartphones. Due to its popularity, cybersecurity is as critical as the games themselves. But how does AI contribute to online casino security?

AI Keeps Players Safe

AI can be used in different areas of online casino security, but one of the most utilised is when helping keep player protected. The technology can recognise patterns of betting behaviours that players wager. It may spot significant sums being bet in a row or on specific dates and even detect when a player may be chasing losses and has lost control of what they are betting.

Through this artificial intelligence and monitoring, an online casino can spot players who may be experiencing problem gambling and could intervene to keep them safe. This will also be welcome news to regulators who want online casino gambling to be as safe as it possibly can.

AI Prevents Hacks

Cybersecurity involves lots of techniques and technologies, but AI is fast becoming one of the best at defending against hacks and attempted data breaches. Online casinos are a target for hackers because they know these sites include a lot of sensitive information, including financial details and money itself.

However, AI can contribute to keeping the site protected because it recognises attempts and patterns to breach security walls quickly and allow gambling companies to block these attempts efficiently.

Not Just Security!

AI has other uses within online casinos other than just security. It can enhance the player experience by recognising the games they like to play and suggesting titles that gamers would also be interested in.

This would work with a similar algorithm to the likes of YouTube or an e-commerce site. On these platforms, you may be recommended content based on previous clicks and purchases, and on the online casino, you will be recommended slot games and table games based on what you previously played.

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