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However, GravaStar has now entered the mix with its outstanding product quality and unique sci-fi design. We have spent a few weeks testing out one of their current options with the GravaStar Mars Pro Bluetooth speaker. This is our review


The Mars Pro was delivered to my house very quickly and well packaged in a larger box, which contained the box of the speaker itself. The speaker box had all the technical information on, with a little handle on the top and the speaker itself sat tightly in a moulded casing.


The first thing I noticed about the Mars Pro when opening it was the weight. It was way heavier than what I was expecting. The speaker itself is 1.5kg. It was also much bigger than the usual small Bluetooth speakers I’m used to using. However, this is certainly not a bad thing. It feels sturdy and unbreakable, even when pulling out the “legs” of the Mars Pro, it still feels like something that even my kids couldn’t damage!

The speaker itself is 200 x 200 x 190mm (LWH). I have added the full technical specifications of the speaker further on in this review.


The official name for the speaker we have been testing is the GravaStar Mars Pro SE – War Damaged Yellow. The design is absolutely incredible and something that I’ve never seen before for a speaker design. It looks like something out of a futuristic dystopian movie, like a patrol drone surveying the land!

As you can see from the images above, it has three extendable legs for the speaker to securely sit on.

I love the volume control on this speaker. I’m a sucker for touch sensitive controls and this has a great touch sensitive volume slider complete with lights that you can see here:

It also has three buttons on the rear, one for Bluetooth connectivity, one for power and one to change the colour of the lighting on the device:

GravaStar Mars Pro Speaker Review 15

You can also select up to six different colours for your Mars Pro to lit up as with a simple press of one of the buttons on the top rear of the speaker:

  • GravaStar Mars Pro Speaker Review 16
  • GravaStar Mars Pro Speaker Review 17
  • GravaStar Mars Pro Speaker Review 18
  • GravaStar Mars Pro Speaker Review 19
  • GravaStar Mars Pro Speaker Review 20
  • GravaStar Mars Pro Speaker Review 21

The bass speaker is at the rear of the speaker with the master sound coming straight out of the front speaker.


GravaStar has created intuitive, tactile and well-built products designed to be handled and displayed. They offer users a unique experience, unlike any of their competitors. This means that these speakers can also be seen as collectable items. There are a number of different colours and designs within the ranges for you to purchase. I can imagine myself with a shelf above my PC desk with an army of lined up GravaStar Mars Pros!


The war-damaged yellow comes with unique handmade crafting. Painting and making it like war-damaged, every speaker is a unique one. You could rarely see a speaker with this special pattern and the unique look makes it collectible.

Power & Sound Quality

The sound quality from this speaker, no matter what device I tested it on, is absolutely incredible. Very loud when turned right up without any distortion and that is also then backed up with the powerful bass built into the back of the speaker. Some of the key facts on the sound quality are below:

  • The Gravastar Mars Pro speaker has been designed with a dual speaker system and a passive bass radiator to create powerful all-around sound from a small enclosure.
  • Built-in DSP audio algorithms to deliver an incredible bass, accurate mids and crisp highs. This is
    combined with an equal-loudness contour which gives the listener a constant loudness and
    steady tones.
  • The speaker comes equipped with a 2.5” full-range speaker, a 1” high-frequency tweeter, and a maximum 20W output with 86 db. This means a consistently heavy but clean bass quality.
  • High quality – the speaker is built from a zinc alloy sphere, allowing the sound waves to resonate all
    around the listener. The sturdy design ensures the speaker remains stable and is also equipped to absorb minor shocks if dropped.
  • 6 dynamic RGB lights with different modes to suit any mood.


The speaker is obviously a Bluetooth device as I’ve already stated, so you can connect it to almost any modern device using Bluetooth 5.0 technology. I’ve tested it with my PC, phone, iPad, projector and smart TV. All worked perfectly well and maintained that excellent quality of sound.

To charge up the speaker, you simply connect the USB-C cable to it and a power source.


The battery for this never actually ran out on me, but I was charging it every night anyway so didn’t really give it a chance to fully run out. However, the specs stated by GravaStar are that the battery should last around 15 hours and take around 4 hours to fully recharge. The Mars Pro boasts a huge 8000 mAh Li-ion battery.

Technical Specifications

The full list of technical specifications for the speaker are below:

Product Type: True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Bluetooth Speaker
Dimensions (L*W*H): 200*200*190
Net Weight: 1.5kg / 53oz
Speaker Size: 2.5’’ Full-Range Speakers + 1’’ High Frequency Tweeter
Number of Speakers: 2
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
Output Power: 20W
Input Power: 5V 2A
Sensitivity: 86db
Impedance: 4 ohms
Frequency: 20-20 kHz
Battery Life: 15 hours (60% output)
Light Show: 6 RGB Lights
Charging Type: Type-C Cable
Charging time: 4 hours
Waterproof Rating: IP65
Compatibility: ≥Android 7.0 / ≥iOS 12.0

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I’ve spent some time using this speaker both at home and whilst away on a short break and it just works perfectly in any environment. The unique design and excellent sound quality puts it miles above any competitor device I’ve used. It has now taken over my soundbar as the main sound output for my gaming PC and I love it. Also takes up much less room than the soundbar! With many different designs available as well, I’m tempted to buy more to see if I can get the full collection for my home office.

Should you buy one? Absolutely you should….

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