Freeware Program Pro Versions 1We have released a number of freeware products over the last year, some very successful with a large
amount of downloads and some not so with hardly anyone interested!

But what we have had to do with all of the freeware products we have released is to either put them in an install wrapper, use, put adverts into the programs or add a exit link back to our own website. This is to try and generate traffic back to our website or to our advertisers to try and pay for the running of the site.

However, we have been asked repeatedly by people downloading our products to supply “Pro” versions of our freeware which have none of the adverts or link backs in it so they can be used in a corporate environment – so this is what we are going to be working on over the next few weeks.

So, what will you get in your “Pro” version?

How much will it cost?

You will get the cheapest price that we can realistically sell the product for, we are not here to make a massive profit (although that would be nice!) we just need to cover our hosting and domain costs, so with that in mind, no matter which product you purchase from us, some of our products will be just 89p (GBP) and you will be able to purchase using PayPal.

What about branding?

In all the “Pro” versions there will be no branding at all, so you can push out the software in your business without having our logo all over it! Obviously this means that there will be a slight design change from the freeware versions.

What about exit and link backs?

There will be no link backs to our (or any other) website, so when you complete the install or exit the program, it will just finish and not send you back to our website.

What about installer packages?

The “Pro” bundle package that you will purchase will include completely clean MSI and EXE installers for the product and where applicable, also the standalone program. This means that you can distribute the program in your business using systems like Configuration Manager or Group Policy.

What about any adverts?

There will be no adverts in the programs or within the installers.

Can I use it in my business and if so do I have to purchase for each machine it is installed on?

Yes you can purchase for your business and you are welcome to then install it onto as many machines within your own business as you like, so for your 89p you can install it on as many machines as you wish. You cannot however freely redistribute the “Pro” version on the internet to the public.

Will I get any future updated releases?

Yes. When we release a product update you will be entitled to the latest version with no additional fees.

Will I have to wait for my product once I have purchased?

No. You pay your payment through PayPal and get an instant download of the product package.


So, this is what you can expect from the “Pro” versions of all our products:

  • Most products will be just 89p each
  • You can distribute to all machines within your business or home
  • No exit or link backs
  • No adverts
  • No branding
  • MSI and EXE installers included as well as standalone versions where applicable
  • All future update releases included
  • Instant download availability
If you have any suggestions or requests for products that you would like us to make a priority in getting the “Pro” versions released then please leave a comment below using our comments system and we will put them to the top of our list to do.
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