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If you want to score an absolute shed load of goals on Football Manager 2015 then this is the tactic for you…

This is a very attacking tactic and we have been testing it for a few weeks now and yes, you do score a lot of goals but if you are not careful, you also concede just as many (we have had quite a few 5-5 draws!). So, if you are going to use this tactic, then we would advise that you have three quality central defenders and a world class goal keeper or else you will let in more than you will score.
The tactic looks like this:
Football Manager 2015 - Attacking Tactic 1
As you can see, our defenders are hardly world class which is probably why we have leaked so many goals! But even with the misfiring Aston Villa, we scored over 90 goals in the last season.
On a side note, if you can sign up Vagner Love – he is brilliant in the English Premiership! Also do not forgot that Victor Valdes is available on a free until the next transfer update comes out. Denis Suarez (its not Luis!) is also world class as is Odegaard.
If you really want to go for it, you can also push up your two wide men in to Attacking Midfielder positions like this:
Football Manager 2015 - Attacking Tactic 2
But this is leaving you very short at the back so do not use this against the bigger teams or else it will be game over before you even get a chance to score!
So, if you want to download this tactic you can grab it using the link below:


Football Manager 2015 - Attacking Tactic 3


If you have any comments, questions or if you want to add your tactics,players or training schedules to this site, please feel free to leave a message below using our comments system.

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