Discord Server Launched for Technical Support

We have today launched our new Discord Server. This is to provide you with technical guides, news and updates and you can also request technical support for any issue you may be facing yourself.

Discord Invite

You can join our new Discord Server using the button link, feel free to share this free invite link.

Requesting Technical Support

If you want to request help with any sort of technical issue on any system, just post as much information as you can in the #requests channel. We and other members can help you out with your problem. Please make sure that you provide detailed information and screenshots where possible. This will get you a quicker and more accurate response.

Technical Guides

We have over 2500 technical guides available on our website. We will be updating and breaking these down into categorised channels on the Discord Server. Hopefully, there is something there to help you out and always make sure you use our website or the different channels on our Discord Server before requesting any help.


The launch of our new Discord Server marks the start of what will be a major relaunch of our website and branding over the next few weeks. A lot of updates will be carried out on existing articles and we will be back posting regular updates, news and relevant support guides on our website.

We hope that we can provide you with assistance where possible and look forward to seeing you on our Discord Server.

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