Top 4 Cyber Security Statistics in 2021

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According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), during the global pandemic, the number of Internet users increased to 4.9 billion in 2021, from 4.1 billion in 2019. Many businesses have shifted to remote work, and remote education and remote health services have become accessible to many, which has increased our vulnerability to cybercrime. Perhaps not […]

The 5 LinkedIn Privacy Settings you can use and Manage

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LinkedIn lets you have the most comprehensive control over who can see your silhouette on LinkedIn. Particularly when there’s a plethora of privacy issues, especially online. little Privacy, particularly online and in the social media world, the emphasis on Privacy offered by LinkedIn is a great benefit.  But many users aren’t aware of how they […]

Benefits of Web Scraping Proxies for an E-commerce Business

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The domain of e-commerce is growing by leaps and bounds. As a result, competition in the e-commerce sector has become very tough. Hence, companies are looking to outperform their competitors through various methods of competitive research. One such approach is to use an e-commerce proxy. An e-commerce proxy helps scrape data on the web to […]

How software can help in the transport industry?

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We no longer ride our horses to work. Transport technology encompasses all modes of transportation that humans utilize to move from one location to another on time, pleasantly, and safely. Transportation technology advancements are undergoing a revolution. It is revolutionizing the design, construction, and operation of transportation networks. It’s used by transportation providers to truck […]

Everything You Need to Know About Being A Successful Computer Science Student

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Computer science studies are becoming more popular with each passing day as more people enroll to pursue a bachelor’s degree that will land them in front of the coding keyboard. Developing life-changing software and being part of something bigger is every student’s dream, but walking the path to that goal can be rocky. The prerequisite […]