Why does a VIN Matter?

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While representing your car to a large audience, you must be asked for the vehicle’s VIN. If you have been in this car selling business for a few years, you shouldn’t be wondering that long sequence of characters. 

That’s the car’s VIN, which is indeed essential.

This confidential code reveals everything about the car that your potential customer wants to purchase. Your car, likewise every car in the world, possesses a unique VIN. As it’s more like a car’s fingerprint, the VIN is recorded when the vehicle is confiscated. 

So, VIN matters to every car owner. Let’s find out all the information about VIN

What is a VIN Number?

It is a linear sequence of 17 characters without spacing and characters. Each segment of VIN consists of specific information about the vehicle. 

The car’s particular identification number or VIN is vital to a specific automobile. It is also known as a chassis number or a frame number, used by the automotive industry to distinguish every motor vehicle, motorcycle, towed vehicle, to mopeds. 

How to Find a Car’s VIN?

There are a few places where you can find this VIN relying on the type of car you have. Your car’s VIN is likely imprinted on a couple of locations. These locations include:

  • At the windshield’s base
  • The left-center pillar
  • In the doorjamb
  • On a plate connected to the chassis area
  • The transmission housing
  • On the inside jamb or frame of the driver-side front door
  • The dashboard in front of the base of the driver’s side windscreen

Why Should You Verify Your VIN?

Crosschecking a car’s VIN is the most guarded way of finding the true identity of the car and determining whether a used car is a theft or not. Various vehicle registration agencies and car manufacturers carry numerous databases of these numbers. 

Therefore, they can thoroughly check and validate a vehicle quickly by putting the number on a popular VIN check homepage. If you are going to buy a second-hand car, a VIN check is essential. 

If the result comes up with irregularities, you will be assured that there’s something wrong with the car. It would be better to walk away.

Why are VINs So Essential?

Over a billion cars worldwide are operating daily on the road. VIN or the Vehicle Identification Number is that unique code given to every car or its the one, which helps keep track of what’s happening with them all. If something mishap occurs with the car, all the information will be recorded, like accident, overhaul, oil change, and almost everything. 

To put it simply, your car’s VIN is the key to unraveling the secrets of the car’s history. Therefore, this is what made the VINs a precious tool for everyone. 

Second-hand car owners can utilize this VIN check service to investigate the car’s history, including if it’s ever been met in an accident or recalled by its manufacturer. 

Also, it is a helpful tool to identify how many times the car has been sold and bought and its actual production details. 

In brief, a VIN number is essential and matters a lot because, when used correctly, it helps safeguard you from getting deceived. Therefore, buyers need to perform a VIN check after obtaining the VIN number from the owner. 

Armed with a vehicle’s VIN, potential buyers can get credible details about the car’s history. It will also protect you from spending thousands of dollars on car maintenance. 

Even car owners who have purchased new cars can utilize their VIN to gain trust with potential customers, should they like to sell their car. Moreover, they can also use it to detect when and where the car was manufactured.

Understanding the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Format

VIN might appear like a randomly created series of numbers and letters, but that’s not the truth. In fact, every section of a VIN number is particular to a chunk of details about a vehicle. Here is what your VIN’s characters signify:

  1. The first 3 digits imply the serial number assigned to the global manufacturer of your car. This lets you know in which country your car was manufactured. For example, if your VIN starts with 1, 4, or 5, it means that the vehicle is manufactured in the USA.
  1. Digits in the location from 4 to 8 provide necessary details about the car, for example, engine type, airbag types, body style, and many more.
  1. The 9th digit of the VIN number is called the ‘check digit’. It’s helpful for PCs to crosscheck the VIN and transform the letters to numbers with the help of an algorithm. 
  1. The 10th character represents the manufacturing year of this model. Here, the letter ‘A’ demonstrates that the car model was designed in 1980 or 2010. Similarly, ‘B’ represents the manufacturing year of 1981 or 2011, and so on.
  1. The 11th character of VIN represents the plant number where the car was manufactured. For each manufacturer, this number is unique for each of their plants.
  1. The last digits from 12 to 17th are reserved for the unique serial number given to your vehicle. It is mainly allotted during assembly and is unique.

When Do You Need to Verify the Car’s VIN?

Haven’t you ever been required to use your VIN for anything before? Therefore, asking this question is somewhat correct for you.

The car’s VIN can be utilized to pull out your vehicle history report, which lets you know everything about your car from the moment it was manufactured to the present day. 

Did you purchase a second-hand car? It will provide you with all the crucial details. It’s being stated that using a VIN lookup helps you amass information about the car that the seller might not have revealed. 


VIN might seem like a theoretical concept, but when split down, it’s hassle-free to understand and maybe valuable when buying or selling one. 

It’s always essential to keep a record of your VIN safe if the car gets damaged or stolen as we mentioned earlier, VIN is your vehicle’s fingerprint. In a nutshell, it puts you off from purchasing anything, which might cause future issues. 

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