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With the release of Adobe Reader XI, you may want to now make your current Adobe Reader X catalog software be superseded by the new version.

This means that the old version will no longer be available in the catalog but will be replaced with the new version, it also will update anyone who has Adobe Reader X to Adobe Reader XI.

To create the new Adobe Reader XI catalog application with it superseding the old version, I’ve put together a step by step guide below.

First, you need to download the latest version (in your preferred language) of Adobe Reader XI in the MSI format. You can retrieve this file from the link below:

Adobe Reader XI MSI Download Files

Once you have the MSI file, you can create a software catalog application for the new version, but remember to leave your older version as active – do not remove it from your catalog or the supersede will not work.

When you have created your version XI catalog application, right click on the application and go into the Properties. From here, you should see a Supersedence tab, click on this tab.

You can then click on the Add button, then click Browse and locate your older version X application. You can then select from the drop down menu (under New Deployment Type) the new version installer. If you want, you can also tick the Uninstall radio button, but I choose not too as there shouldn’t be much need to do this as it should upgrade ok. Once you have made your changes click OK.

You should then see a box under the Supersedence tab like below:

Adobe Reader XI software catalog supersedence/automatic update from X to XI 1

You can then click OK and deploy the application to the collections of your choice.

When you then view your software catalog, you should see that version X has gone and been replaced with version XI – users can then select to install this software or it will automatically upgrade to Adobe Reader XI if they already have Adobe Reader X.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

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