Gifts can often be tricky, but there is a solution for this – gift cards. But don’t worry, you won’t come off as lazy. In fact, most people like getting gift cards. Shopping for gifts can be difficult, and people often receive gifts that they don’t even use.

This can sometimes be disappointing on both sides. In a way, it’s a testament that these two people don’t know each other so well. But you don’t need to know everything that a person wants. You just need to know where they shop.

This is why gift cards are so handy. Instead of wasting time overthinking about what to buy, pick a gift card from Game To Relax.

1. iTunes Gift Card 

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular gift card options at the Game To Relax store and in general. Many people use Apple devices, and if this is the case with your friend or partner and you have no idea what to get them, this is a safe option. 

Everyone listens to music, and sooner or later, they will want to buy something on iTunes. What’s even better is that iTunes gift cards range from €10 to €100, and you can choose how generous you want to be. 

2. Netflix Gift Card

Netflix has become one of the most popular streaming platforms for TV shows, documentaries, and movies. Everyone watches Netflix today and you simply can’t go wrong with this gift. Even if the person doesn’t use Netflix, it’s an excellent opportunity to introduce them to this platform. 

You can use this gift card to send an email to the person you want to surprise. They will receive a PIN code which they can use on the site to redeem their gift card. Game To Relax store Netflix Gift cards range from €10 to €25. 

3. Amazon Gift Card 

Let’s face it; everyone loves Amazon. In the United States alone, Amazon has over 150 million mobile app users. Bear in mind that this is just the US and only mobile users.

If the person you are buying the gift for loves shopping on Amazon or simply shopping online, they will love a gift card from Amazon. On the other hand, if they talked about something that they need to buy from abroad, chances are they can find it on Amazon. 

Game To Relax offers you Amazon Gift Cards from €44 to €88. 

4. Steam Wallet Gift Card 

Steam is the most popular platform for PC games. It has thousands of indie and AAA games that they offer to players. If you are getting a gift for someone who plays a lot of PC games, chances are they use Steam. If they don’t, then maybe this is the perfect opportunity to start. 

But before they start using the gift card, they need to make an account and add at least some funds to it. This is the only way to be able to redeem the Steam wallet code. There are a variety of options on Steam, but also many discounts and bundles. 

5. PlayStation Network PSN Gift Card 

Do you need a gift for a PS player? No worries; you are covered at the Game To Relax store. Instead of thinking about what game to buy, whether they will like it, or maybe if they already have it, just give them a PlayStation Network PSN Gift Card. 

With it, they can decide what game they like and buy. PlayStation players know what they want, and they often wait for special collections to come out, so don’t worry; they will manage on their own. 

6. Google Play Gift Card 

Google Play Store has everything. There are various games, apps, magazines, TV series, books, music, and much more. With this gift card, you can instantly unlock so much content for someone. 

Many unauthorized sites offer Google Play gift cards that are either scams or invalid. Here, you won’t have any problems, and they are always available. 

7. Nintendo eShop Gift Card 

If your partner, friend, or family member enjoys playing Nintendo games, this gift card is a perfect present for them. At Nintendo eShop, they can buy all the games for different Nintendo consoles. 

There is no need to worry about whether they will be able to use it or what kind of Nintendo console they have. It is effortless and easy. 

Found the Perfect Gift Card? 

If you still don’t know what to get, check out the complete offer. They have thousands of gift cards available at any moment. Happy shopping, and good luck!

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