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Many gamblers and bettors think that winning on slot machines is a matter of luck. If you are lucky, you might hit a jackpot. If not, well, you lose everything. Many refuse to play because they think it is rigged. In reality, most of those, if not all of those people, simply don’t know how slot machines work and how to evaluate them. Instead, they are talking about some myths and searching for non-existing patterns in slots. In this article, we will show you the best tips and tricks on how to win big by playing slot machines, online and offline. However, online video slots are the way to go in 2020, and you should definitely check the best online casinos  to raise your chances of winning.

Check the Slot Before You Play It

The first and the most obvious tip we have for you is – check the slot before you play it for real money. Although this seems like something that every gambler would do, we know that is not true. Many people are drawn to some bad slots with shiny graphics and some ongoing promotions, and they end up losing everything in most cases.

The first thing you should check about the slot is the provider name. If it is one of the top-rated slot game providers, such as Microgaming or NetEnt, that means the slot is trustworthy and all information provided is correct. Also, no matter if you are casino games or sports betting fans, always search for reviews or free tips about the slot or the game you want to bet on.

Knowing the RTP of the Slot is Very Important

Next, you should check RTP, or Return to Player. Return to Player is a percentage, usually publicly provided by the creators of the slot, of bets that you get back by playing that slot, in general. If an RTP is 96% that slot is considered as a slot worth playing. However, you should have in mind that RTP is calculated by testing on hundreds of thousands, even millions of spins. So, RTP might be completely different in your short session consisted of less than 50 spins.

Pro Players Always Pay Attention to Volatility

Another thing you must check is volatility or the variance of the slot. If you don’t know what is volatility, in a nutshell, that’s a risk you take playing a specific slot. If you play slots with higher volatility you take more risks, but you can gain more as well. Slots with lower volatility pay you back more often, but the payouts are smaller. So, what slots are better, the ones with lower or higher volatility, you may ask? Well, the answer to that question varies – depending on who you ask. But in general, although it is true that slots with lower volatility pay more often, they usually don’t even cover the coin value for that particular spin. Slots with higher volatility indeed pay much rarer, but you might hit a jackpot even with only a few spins, which is the fact that recommends them especially to high-rollers, who can play each spin with max bet. In general, the best slots should be high RTP and high volatility slots – they open so many options, especially to people who gamble for big money.

Play the Slot for Free

Almost every slots developer has demo play for all slots listed on the site. Even if you collect all the background info on the slot, you should try it out, before playing it for real money, especially if you play to spin in it on the max bet. Only by playing a slot, you can feel how it works and whether or not it suits you. Of course, there are rumors that demo play is nothing like the play for real money, and we can agree to some extent. Playing for real money, especially with bigger chips, have a psychological element that playing for free doesn’t. But, that doesn’t mean that the slot acts differently in paid and free versions – the slot is exactly the same. The outcomes are always decided by random numbers generator, and even if you feel that you win more when playing slot for free, it is just a psychological effect, statistics show that RTP is equal for both versions based on a huge number of spins.

Create a Bank and Stick to it

Doing a background check on the slot and playing it for free are the two most important things for success. However, if you don’t create a bank you will use for gambling exclusively you might get in all sorts of troubles. It is obvious that gambling solely for the money you can afford to lose is obvious advice, but that was the case with everyone, nobody would become a gambling addict. The issue with discipline becomes obvious when a player finds himself in the position to win big or to make up for his previous losses. It is sometimes hard to resist the urge of stretching it further if you believe that the next spin is finally the one and that after you lost so much the statistics must be on your side this time.

It is very important to remember that your past choices and past spin results do not affect future spins. Don’t look at RTP and expect that slot will pay you back what you just lost, because RTP is calculated based on millions of spins. Your session is too short to pull those conclusions, so the best recipe is that when you spend everything in the bank – just stop playing and try again some other time.

Don’t Trust the Myths and Conspiracies Surrounding Slots

Every casual sports bettor and casino games fan heard some stories about hacking slots and other casino games. Everyone has at least one friend who won big once, and he recreates the things which led to it over and over again. “Hot” and “Cold” slots, the slots on the end of the line, stopping the spin on online slots before it stops on its own and many other “hacks” simply – don’t work. Slots are working on a random numbers generator. Statistically, you can trust volatility and RTP provided by reputable developers, but always have in mind that it is based on millions of spins during testing.

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