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Simply put, outsourcing refers to using a third party to handle tasks, activities or projects that could have been done by internal staff or employees. If you are an entrepreneur, outsourcing can help you lower your operational costs, focus on core tasks, maintain operational control, solve capacity issues and boost business efficiency. Some of the business tasks that you can outsource include:

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping are time-consuming. However, they are extremely important to the success and smooth operation of every business. So, if you don’t have the accounting skills or ample time to dedicate to it, then you can simply outsource to an independent contractor. Outsourcing this task will free up your time so that you can focus on core aspects of your business.

IT Support

Technology is constantly evolving in different ways. So, if you want to compete effectively, you will have to constantly adopt these changes and implement them into your business However, you may not have the skills, knowledge or ability to implement these changes and fully manage all your IT services. And this is where outsourced IT services come in. You can outsource IT services such as network monitoring, data backup and recovery, network security and all other IT-related tasks. For certain companies it may be crucial to have support within a specific physical radius. For example, a large Leeds based company may only want to hire an IT support Leeds based firm too.

Customer Service

Providing great customer service and support is key to running a successful business. Customers expect a prompt response whenever they pose a question to a business. Unfortunately, you may not have the time to attend to all questions and issues raised by all your customers. By outsourcing customer support and related services, your business will be in a better position to answer phone calls, emails, live chat requests as well as social media messages as soon as they come in. And this can help you enjoy a higher customer retention rate, compared to a business that doesn’t provide immediate responses.

Administrative Tasks

As an entrepreneur, you have numerous tasks to attend to in a day. While all these tasks are important, it’s also important to focus on growing your brand, instead of getting caught in small administrative tasks. And that’s why you should consider outsourcing some of the administrative tasks in your business. A virtual assistant can handle repetitive tasks like responding to emails, appointment scheduling, answering business calls and performing data entry, among others. Also, when you outsource administrative tasks to a virtual assistant, you will not incur most of the expenses that come with retaining an in-house team.

Online Marketing

If you want your business to thrive and compete effectively, you will need a strong online presence. In fact, recent studies show that most people start their purchasing decisions with an online search. Unfortunately, not everyone is a talented digital marketer, and this is where outsourcing comes in. Instead of retaining an in-house digital marketing team, you can simply outsource tasks like SEO, PPC, email marketing, blogging and social media marketing.

As you can see, outsourcing comes with numerous benefits and there are several tasks that you can outsource. You just need to identify projects or tasks that you can outsource in your business, and then hire independent contractors who fit the bill. As much as it may seem overwhelming and confusing at first, outsourcing will significantly enhance your efficiency, boost your productivity and give you an edge over the competition.

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