If you are eager to play online casino games, there are tons of great options out there today, with big brands offering reputable places to test your mettle in a variety of ways.

Of course unless you are familiar with the industry already, you might not be able to distinguish the sites which take security seriously from those that are not up to scratch in terms of data protection.

To help you decide, here are the main characteristics to look out for which should tell you that an online casino is legitimate and secure.

5 Characteristics of A Secure Online Casino 1

Encrypted connection

You will want to be certain that your private information is well protected when playing on a casino site, so an encrypted connection that uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a must.

Working out whether this is present is easy; so long as the casino’s URL has HTTPS in the address and your browser displays a closed padlock symbol next to it, you are good to go. The top rated operators like Casumo casino provide this kind of encrypted connection to all visitors and users, so do not settle for anything less.

Secure payment options

When playing on a casino site you will likely want to deposit and withdraw cash, in which case the process by which the transaction takes place needs to be reliable, robust and trustworthy.

Secure online casino sites will be able to accept payments and provide withdrawals via well known methods. Accepting payments from VISA and Mastercard is a good start, and you should also look out for sites which will work with other secure online payment solutions, such as Skrill, Paypal and Neteller.

It is always sensible to pay via a method that you already use and trust, and avoid using any platform with which you are unfamiliar.

Official licensing

Legitimate, secure online casino services will be fully licensed and accredited by the relevant regulators and authorities in the country from which they operate.

Such licensing is a sure fire signal that the site you are visiting is all above board and will be able to provide hours of entertainment without leaving your privacy at risk.

Of course it is easy enough for any online casino to claim that it has a legitimate license, so if you want to be sure you should head to the site of the licensing body to get a definitive answer.

Independent reviews

The great thing about the internet is that it makes it possible for people to share their opinions and experiences with others in an instant, so no business is safe from being exposed if it does not live up to the high standards that customers expect.

Should there be any doubt about the security credentials of a particular online casino, you can simply search for independent reviews online to see whether it has a squeaky clean reputation in this regard, or whether there are any skeletons in its closet that you should look out for.

Accessible support

When something goes awry, you want to know that you can get in touch with the casino site and ask them for help. This is where a good customer support service is important, and the most secure sites will be more than willing to lend a hand if you have questions or concerns.

On the flip side, if a site does not have any obvious support option available to players, or has a very limited and unresponsive customer service reputation, then it is worth giving them a miss in favour of a more engaged rival site. A presence on social media can also help you to sort the wheat from the chaff in this regard, and prevent you from becoming a victim of the growing online fraud epidemic.

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