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People have found massive use for the different online tools and software for compressing PDFs. They’ve long said goodbye to the frustrating, lengthy waiting time in receiving emails. Even sharing documents is much more manageable, given how everything is literally at your fingertips.

Though it’s certainly much faster than before, there can be moments where it is challenging to utilize this quick communication due to several restrictions. For instance, you might want to send a PDF file, one ubiquitous file format, to someone else. But, there might be a prompt saying that your file exceeds the file size cap. The solution to that is compressing PDFs.

Compressing PDFs

That’s right. The easiest and perhaps the most obvious thing to do is to compress PDF files. Doing this will help reduce the file size of your portable document format files, which is undoubtedly beneficial for you. Some things that might happen in the compression process are eliminating redundant info and possibly rendering elements in fewer pixels. 

Will my PDF files degrade in quality?

One notion of many is that compressed files lose quality, which might be true in some cases, but not at all times. With our technology being so advanced today, compressing PDFs without losing quality is made possible. This way, you can still clearly have a zoomable and printable PDF file. 

Compress PDFs with GogoPDF

You can find a plethora of resources on the web, and you just need to make use of your keyboard and browser! You can find a bunch of software that may or may not be free. What’s important is that you can achieve your goals with the PDF compressor that you chose. We recommend compressing PDFs files with GogoPDF. 

Gogo PDFs PDF compressor is 100% free. It’s a popular choice for its convenience and high-quality rendering of files. It also stands out from many similar tools online due to its tight security. What makes it more lit is that you can use it anywhere as long as you are connected to the Internet, on any device at that. Follow these steps to compress your PDFs with GogoPDF.

  1. Visit GogoPDF.
  2. Upload your selected file to the website.
  3. GogoPDF will automatically attempt compressing PDFs.
  4. Wait for the compression to finish.
  5. Download and share your file!

Pro tip

You might be skeptical about PDF compression. Is it good to compress PDFs? Yes, it is. It’s best to find a compression tool that favors quality oversize. Though it’s great to have more ease in sharing your files due to the smaller file sizes, maintaining the quality is also essential. GogoPDF is such a tool – it keeps the maximum resolution possible in the file compression.

What can I get from compressing PDFs?

Though you might not get something tangible such as a chocolate bar, you can get some abstract things that you’ll be thankful for. Some of these include reduced waiting time, easier collaboration, ease of sharing, and larger space saved. Find out why this is the case by reading below.

More time working and less time waiting

One of the most common scenarios in an online setting is waiting for a particular file from someone. You might do this for several reasons, whether it’s for a school project, a company document, and many more. Often, it gets frustrating as the waiting time increases. This might be a result of a huge file size that makes it challenging to transfer online. 

As we’ve mentioned before, emails and a variety of communication tools have predetermined file size limits. Not having the means to send the file might result in delays, which is terrible. With compressing PDFs, you can immediately send the file without worrying that it won’t fit in. You can see why you can have more time working and less time waiting. 

Easier collaboration

Imagine working in a team, where you are communicating through online platforms. Given the physical distance between you and the others, one of the best options you have is to collaborate online. Though there are collaboration tools you can find on the web, there might be instances where you need to send files. 

It will cause conflict and frustration between your team if a delay happens. But, recall that compressed PDFs have great shareability, thus easing your way through. If the flow of file transfer is smooth, you may have an efficient and more manageable collaboration.  


Uploading large files online can honestly be tedious. The time it takes might just be one of the possible instances of delays in collaboration. There might be problems in connection and devices which you might be unaware of. You can eliminate one of these problems by compressing PDFs, making your files much more shareable. With the smaller file size, it’s also much easier for your recipient to open the file and access the information inside.

Takes less storage space

Recall that compressed PDFs are relatively smaller in size compared to their original copies. They are much more manageable to archive and backup, which is a good practice for those who track previous records. The space that you haven’t used yet can be allocated for future work and others.

Saves money (possibly)

We all know that storage isn’t completely free. For example, you may have to pay for a larger storage space online. Compressed PDFs take a small space, so you probably won’t need to spend dollars unless you have other huge files in your possession. But it can generally save you bucks.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, what you’re pursuing is perhaps just to ease your file-sharing. That’s fine. But, you can get other benefits from doing PDF compressing cluelessly. These are indeed for the best of your interests, so what are you waiting for? Grab your portable document format files now. Open up your browser, go to GogoPDF, and start compressing PDFs to get these five benefits today!

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