The Best Home Security Systems That You Can Definitely Invest In

The Best Home Security Systems That You Can Definitely Invest In
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Technology has been progressing rapidly and with that, its applications too. We’ve seen technology being rapidly implemented in numerous fields. One of these fields includes home security, and with the advent of home security systems, we can say one thing, it’s hard to infiltrate one where such a system exists.

The latest home security systems are super amazing when it comes to providing top-of-the-line protection, alerts, and more. However, with immense features, it’s sometimes hard to choose a good option from the rest.

For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of the best home security systems that you can definitely invest in for enhancing the safety of your abode. However, while you do that, ensure that you’re equipped with a good internet connection since that’s also important.

Home security systems tend to connect multiple devices so that they can run smoothly. Doing so requires a good internet connection for which we recommend going for Xfinity since it fulfills the requirements.

Moreover, Xfinity Home also features home security systems that you can check out. Simply connect with Xfinity customer service and get a quote or a plan right away. With this, let’s check out the home security systems to consider when you’re looking for one:

Comcast Xfinity Home

Earlier we mentioned that Xfinity Home is also an option on the table but let us discuss it in a bit detail. Compatible with voice assistants including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. it comes with exclusive features that make it one of the most reliable options in the market.

In addition, it’s quite affordable and since you’ll be getting Xfinity internet with it, you’ll easily manage the integration. Plus, you can also bundle the plan and get further discounts. There’s no contract; however, you’ll need to pay for the 24/7 monitoring and recording fee.

Vivint Smart Home

When it comes to home security systems, Vivint Smart Home is one of the names that you can count on. It comes with 24/7 monitoring with advanced remote control options. From cameras to thermostats, lights, and more, you can control your IoTs even when you’re on the road.

In addition, you get a 7-inch screen panel that can be integrated with voice assistants. Moreover, the system is speedy in terms of response rate, making it quite useful for emergency commands. However, the system does take a toll on your pocket with its pricy components and requires a monthly subscription for remote access controls.

ADT Command

One of the many things, when you’re acquiring any home security system, is getting reliable customer service that can assist in case any issue occurs. ADT Command takes the lead in this matter, offering robust customer support to the customers.

In addition to this, it comes with amazing home security protocols that work seamlessly with integrated IoTs. You can have a large list of automation devices that can be included with the system as needed. Apart from this, ADT features amazing mobile and web-based applications that make it seamless to control and adjust the settings for the system.

However, even with professional installation and support, the initial costs are a bit high. You’ll also need to pay an early termination fee if you’re planning on changing or quitting its services which is a hassle.

SimpliSafe Home Security System

Contracts and early termination fees are quite a trouble, and if you’re looking for options that don’t come with these hassles, then Simpli Safe Home Security System is your pick. With affordable plans, it comes with easy to use interface for monitoring and security.

In addition, you also get DIY home security protocols with pre-configured packages for homes of all sizes. The components are easily available at budget-friendly rates and you can get professional monitoring at a good cost.

There’s no contract, and the system performs superbly when it comes to cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity. However, indoor cameras have poorer results compared to the options discussed above, which is something you should consider before getting it.

Ring Alarm Pro

With its option of becoming a Wi-Fi 6 hotspot, the Ring Alarm Pro is another formidable choice to get for your home security needs. The plans and components are reasonably priced, which is why you can choose them if you’re looking for affordable options.

What’s interesting is the 24-hour running auxiliary battery that keeps the system running. It also has a cellular coverage option, which in case of an internet outage, will keep the system up. It supports Alexa voice control and integrates easily with third-party devices.

However, the lack of integration with Google Assistant, HomeKit, and other such devices as well as requiring additional subscriptions for services is somewhat a downside.

Closing Notes

Well, with these options, you can now choose the best home security system for your home, and achieve the peace you desired when it comes to home security. Do go through the pricing and the features of the choices to make an informed decision.

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