Revolutionize Your Outdoor Adventures with a Two-Way Bluetooth Radio

A person's hand holding a two-way radio against a blurred city skyline in the background.

What is a Two-Way Bluetooth Radio? Two-way Bluetooth radios are the ultimate tool to stay connected while enjoying the great outdoors. These versatile devices allow you to communicate with others without the need for cell service or the internet. Whether you’re hiking through the mountains, kayaking down a river, or even just enjoying a day […]

A Guide to Choosing the Best Translation Management Software for Your Business

A person using a laptop with one hand typing on the keyboard of the best translation management software, viewed from the side, with a blurred monitor in the background.

If you’re looking to expand your business beyond your domestic market or set up an online store and need to translate content into various languages, you need to invest in the right translation management software. However, before taking the plunge, keep in mind your business needs as well as what specific TMS features can help […]

SCCM Collection Query for Devices with specific software installed and version or below [2023 Updated]


If you need to identify machines with specific software installed on a device but would also like to know whether they have a certain version of the stated software or below, then you can use the below query. This can help with software upgrades to identify machines that have not yet been upgraded. SCCM Collection […]