Flexi-Chair BackSupport Office Chair Review

Flexi-Chair BackSupport Office Chair Review

Last updated on April 17th, 2023 at 12:56 am

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After spending 20 years of my career working in an office, due to the COVID pandemic have spent the last two years working from home like so many others.

Working on computers all day means that our health and safety team are pretty strict on things like the height of your monitor, is the desk at the right height and is your chair giving you the correct support for your back and neck.

In my case, I had been using my own gaming chair that I had done for years. But I was given the opportunity to review the Flexispot Flexi-Chair BackSupport office chair so I thought I’d give a proper office chair a go.

I’m glad I did. I always thought that my gaming chair was nice and comfy but this office chair with its back support, arms and head support was something else. Having all the usual features of a standard office chair, like height adjustments and caster wheels, this chair also allows you to push the arms back into an upright position to make it easier to get in and out of. You can raise and lower the arms to sort your requirement. Excellent head support that can be raised or lowered for your needs. The back support built into the chair is so comfortable, even after spending up to 12 hours a day in it like I do most days.

The breathable material used feels strong and is very well made. It is also easy to clean after my 6 year old covered it in biscuit crumbs! Overall, I’d really recommend this office chair. The difference between buying a quality product like this and a cheap alternative is huge. As they say, “buy well, buy once”.

I wanted to go into some of the specifications of the chair along with packaging and delivery so that you can get a full idea of what you are looking at.


The chair is obviously fully adjustable, from the seat height to the arms and the headrest. However, the standard dimensions of the chair are illustrated in the below image.

Flexi-Chair BackSupport Office Chair Review 1
Flexi-Chair BackSupport Office Chair Review 4

Packaging and Delivery

First of all, the delivery was excellent. Came within a day or two and was immediately given full tracking information so I could see exactly what date and time it would be delivered. Once delivered, the chair comes in a very well packaged and spacious box. Note that it is a little heavy and should ideally be opened or moved by two people.


Having opened the box and got the various chair components out, there is a simple set of instructions to put the chair together. It is as simple as pushing the caster wheels onto the base, screwing the chair seat to the adjustable mechanism. Then fitting the two parts together. All you have to worry about then is getting all the adjustable heights correct for your own requirements.


The chair is available on FlexiSpots website in the UK for £259.99. However, check out below as they do have an end of year sale on at the moment and you may pick up a bargain.


Check out the special offers that Flexispot has on their website below.



The chair only comes in one colour, which is black, however, I don’t think any other colour would look right in a working or home office environment, so black should be all you ever need.

Here are a few images of the chair to show what it actually looks like.


Height adjustment (chair)44 – 53 cm
Height adjustment (header)115 cm – 124 cm
MaterialBlack nylon base with PU rollers
Max. Loadability125 KG


I love this chair and I’m glad I have it after thinking I was comfy in my gaming chair for so long! Yes you can get cheaper office chairs it you have a look around the internet, but you are paying for quality and comfort and as most of us now spend so many hours in front of a monitor on an office chair, its more than worth the initial outlay.

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