Four Remote Working Technologies and How to Master Them

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Last updated on May 15th, 2023 at 11:32 pm

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working would appear to be here to stay. After a most tumultuous year, workers across the world have become used to performing their tasks remotely from their bedrooms and their living rooms – and that means changing the technologies that they use to do their work. In this article, we’ll look at the four important remote working technologies that are driving the work-from-home revolution and what you can do as an IT expert to harness their power and make their use more effective within the companies that you work for.

Cloud Programs

The first element of a smart remote working set-up is the use of cloud programs. Of course, the cloud is a place for saving documents remotely and being able to access different nuggets of data without having to access a physical server. It’s difficult to imagine how we’d have remote worked without cloud computing – with a number of email attachments, perhaps, or sending USB sticks in the post. Mastering the cloud is now the objective for tech experts – and A Cloud Guru offers smart courses in the world’s leading cloud software to help you get there.

Collaboration Software

The go-to example of collaboration software – but by no means the only one – is Slack. Programs and software solutions like Slack enable you to communicate ideas and projects quickly with your team members, running through different chats in order to quickly assemble task forces and get things done quicker when working from home. The problem is, there are several different types of collaboration software, and often they don’t interact all that well. The solution here is simple: consolidate your knowledge and guide your teams to use only one software – and master that in order to train employees to optimize their work upon that software.

Remote Cybersecurity

If you’re a cybersecurity expert, you’ll have been tearing your hair out over the new threats and weak spots in your security infrastructure that have taken place over the past few months. With each remote terminal, and each personal device logging on to the work network, you’re left with new issues to deal with and new weaknesses in the chain that might be exploited by hackers and bad actors. To deal with these new threats, you’re going to need to master remote working cybersecurity – and part of that is educating your employees about the risks that they’re going to expose your firm to when working from home.

Conference Calling

Speaking of cybersecurity, the number of different conference calling programs that are poorly-protected is mind-boggling. Zoom, for instance – one of the big winners from the market shift that’s taken place since March – are rather poorly protected, and are considered a bad option for meetings. Nonetheless, these technologies are here to stay and connect workers each and every day to their colleagues. As such, being able to find and use the best conference calling software will be vitally important for tech experts in 2021.

Master these four technologies to help your business continue to flourish and prosper in the age of remote working.

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