How Can Software Increase Communication Between Customers and Companies?

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Last updated on June 1st, 2021 at 12:02 am

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In this day and age, technology is at the forefront of everything. We are constantly connected to our phones, tablets, and laptops, keeping up with everything that is happening around the world, as well as right around the corner from us. That being said, it is no wonder that companies use technology and social networking as a means of communication between them and their customers. But, what if, instead of direct means of communication, like social networking sites, companies used software products, such as Google Drive and Microsoft Office, to communicate directly with their customers? How could this impact the profitability of the company, for better or worse?

Multiple Methods of Communication

Luckily for tech companies, there are many different methods of communication out there. The main, and currently, most popular ones, are none other than the all-consuming social media itself. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube allow companies to interact directly with their customers and get information out to them quickly. While the general public still utilizes television and newspapers, these means of communication take more time and effort. However, being that the entire world is not yet tech-savvy, it is still useful to employ these “old school” methods. There are also sites and platforms that allow for more personal and direct contact between companies and their customers than social media does. Enter, email. Email is the most common way for companies to interact directly with individuals who have chosen to officially be considered a customer of this company by either purchasing from them or joining a mailing list. Email makes it easier for companies to get info about new products, new services, and any other useful information out to customers who they know are more likely to buy or interact, due to previous purchase history or the customer’s personal desire to receive this information.

Where Software Fits into This

Technology has gone far ahead and now you can find out much more information about your customers using the phone number lookup, for example, their profiles in social media, other phone numbers, and addresses. Sometimes, social media doesn’t do the trick. In cases where a company needs to do more than simply get information out to their customers, they might need a method more specific than social media. What if a company wants a useful way to organize their customers’ opinions on a product or service? Depending on the size of the company, sifting through comments and direct messages just might not be the most efficient or beneficial way to do this. Or, what if a more corporate company wants to get documents and materials out to their customers or business partners? Why use social media when software platforms like Sharepoint, which provides document management and collaboration tools, or Outlook, which facilitates email messaging and linking calendars, exist? Sometimes, utilizing software that is specific for what they are trying to accomplish is more useful to a company’s ultimate or immediate goals.

Asking for Feedback

So, we want to know what you guys think. After all, you are our customers. What better way to know the answer to the impending question of how software can increase communication between customers and companies than to ask our very own customers? Do you see what we did there? Simply by asking for feedback, we have opened the lines of communication between our customers and our executives. Asking for the opinions of the people companies are doing it for is a sure-fire way to know exactly what your customers not only desire from you but expect of you. Asking for feedback will provide more accurate customer data. That fact can’t be disputed. While this can be done on social media, people are less likely to comment on a post asking for feedback from a large group of people. If the feedback were asked in a more personalized way, such as through email or some other software, it’s more likely the customer would respond because they would feel their opinion is desired directly.

Applying Customer Feedback

Once the company receives the requested feedback from its customers, it is imperative that it is taken into consideration. Ironically enough, software can even be used to organize ideas for business implementation, which would ultimately mean your customers had a direct role in the betterment of the quality and services they love from you. Software like Google Suite and Microsoft Office allow for any and all types of organizing when it comes to your business. The apps in both of these productivity suites combine to be the well-rounded techno-office that your company can count on for better productivity.

While social media does a great job at allowing companies to get valuable information out to their customers, it isn’t always the best option for everything. Sometimes, it’s necessary for companies to use more personalized software when attempting to communicate with their customers. Customers are more likely to respond to a company if they feel their opinion is valued directly, than if information/feedback requests are broadly posted on the company’s social media sites. Incorporating software utilization into customer contact might be the exact thing a company needs to get the numbers rising.

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