Does the Nintendo Switch need Achievements or Trophies?

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Last updated on April 17th, 2023 at 12:40 am

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In an unexpected twist, the gaming wars now feature the Nintendo Switch quite prominently, with some expectations forecasting the innovative hybrid console to overtake the Xbox Ones in unit sales soon despite being less than half its age. The Switch has been a massive hit, from its ability to be enjoyed as a handheld device as well as a home console to the superb line of exclusive games. However, the Switch is lacking in an area which many gamers covet: achievements.

A staple in console video gaming since the Xbox 360 brought in the first system in 2005, achievements – also known as ‘trophies’ on the PlayStation consoles – are little rewards for gamers when they accomplish set measures within video games. Even though these accolades don’t reward the player with anything usable in-game or in stores, they add another level of enjoyment to gaming and has even been picked up by an online casino, but the gambling platform has gone that one step further with their achievement model.

The status quo in gaming

The simple fact is that achievements and trophies now go hand-in-hand with console and even PC gaming on Steam. The ingenious incentive from Microsoft to encourage players to explore all regions of a game or play it differently caught on and is now a much-loved feature. With the Xbox One, achievements also reward points, allowing players to compare their points hauls to see who is the better gamer.

On the PlayStation 4, trophies are accompanied by statistics of how many players who have the game have earned the same trophy as the player. It all adds to the competition and desire to complete games through challenges that makes gaming so enjoyable. Given how many difficult games are among Nintendo’s triple-A range, it would make sense for the Switch to feature achievements of some kind. That said, they may be toying with the idea of offering an even better achievements or trophies system akin to that which the online casino has concocted.

Online casino adopts and advances the trophies feature

Due to how incredibly competitive the online casino scene is, websites continue to seek out new ways for players to engage with and enjoy their offering. So, it should come as no surprise that online casinos look for inspiration from video gaming for features and even themes in slot games. Following in the footsteps of the Xbox and PlayStation, players can now unlock trophies at Incredible Spins by completing fun tasks.

However, Incredible Spins has gone one step further than video game consoles. While achievements and trophies on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 offer new challenges to gamers, they are somewhat trivial accomplishments that don’t reward anything of real value. The online casino went one step further to give players a spin on their prize wheel whenever they land a trophy.

The Nintendo Switch is performing very well, and some say that it’s good that Nintendo has stuck to its guns by not incorporating an achievements feature. However, Microsoft has made achievements crucial and expected in the modern gaming environment. Due to the increasing number of games coming to Switch alongside releases on rival consoles, players may select rival copies simply due to the inability to earn achievements and trophies on the Switch.

Due to the innovation that Nintendo continues to show, they could be toying with the idea of applying an achievements feature but one that is actually rewarding and more in line with the method of trophies at Incredible Spins. By adding the extra incentive of a small reward alongside achievements, such as points for the eShop, Nintendo would more than make up for these years without achievements and become even more appealing than their rivals, as the online casino has with its trophies.

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