Strange Tech Wars Are Shaking Up Today’s Tech Industry

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Last updated on April 17th, 2023 at 12:39 am

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As the world keeps advancing, things get more complex. Technology used to be what older people describe as thingamajig but now, it has proven time and time again that it is highly beneficial for everyone. Smartphones, TVs, appliances, video games, cars, they all have their own tech wars.

Apple vs Samsung, Huawei vs Xiaomi, Sony vs Microsoft vs Nintendo, Tesla vs NASA, these are the strangest yet biggest rivalries in business today.

But you know what they say, competition IS king. The best part about any competition is that it lets people decide which they want whilst companies are simultaneously sticking their nose up on each other, learning from their competitor’s mistakes and go above and beyond their rival.

Today we’ll be talking about how these business rivals are morphing the high-tech era we live in today.

For Brand Status or For Convenience?

You know that joke about why people still buy the iPhone on a yearly basis even if there are barely any differences and the answer is, “…because it’s a new iPhone.” It makes you wonder if people purchase the successful smartphone brand annually because they want to stick to the status quo or that it’s because the overall software is more convenient to use than an Android.

We’ve seen it in designer clothes – now it’s happening with technology. Tech brands become famous and financially successful because it gives one essential thing to the consumer: convenience. If the product isn’t convenient, the product isn’t good; simple as that. It won’t matter how beautiful it looks or what the price is because what really counts is on the inside (as in the software and internal properties that make it comfortable for the consumer).

Despite Android being arguably better than iOS, people still purchase the iPhone simply because they feel very comfortable with the overall experience. People have a sense of fear that they might not like anything about Android if they’ve invested so much time on the iOS, leading them into buying the next iPhone – even if it means the price will be around $50,000.

This goes to any other brands in the tech business including gaming consoles, PC hardware, GPS devices, and even the ISP.

Essential Features Make it Worth Every Penny

For tech wars, features are what matter the most. For example, you have to choose between one of four of the biggest cellphone carriers in America. You look up the features of each of them but most of them are very expensive that includes unnecessary features for a single user. But then you stumble across a carrier like Sprint and quickly realize it’s the one for you for its adequate features that include 5G support, all under a good price.

Now that we mentioned 5G, this internet speed sure got tech companies to refresh their business models to deliver the fastest techs-perience for people. 5G doesn’t just apply to phones in order to send messages and emails faster, browse the net quicker or have a phone call in perfect sync; 5G ushers in a new gateway for technologies to become better.

Fully-automatic cars will now be a thing, mobile gaming becomes smoother, smart homes will become more responsive, and most of all, make tech wars even fiercer than ever before.

Tesla will showcase the smartest car ever known, Phone companies will display to the people which has the most superior 5G tech, and big tech industries will introduce a more complex AI that could signal the reality of sci-fi movies like The Terminator and I, Robot.

The Gaming Sub-wars

If you thought phone companies and appliance have intense rivalries, you haven’t seen the gaming war yet. You see, if there’s a major example of tech war, it’s the gaming community.

Video games have always been a competitive platform since the arrival of home consoles but it’s nothing compared to the competition today.

Game titles keep having constant battles on which game is the best in the genre, publishers would always show off how financially successful their release is and consoles are always at each other to see who has better features. The list goes on that it won’t fill up this article at all.

Gaming platforms between PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and even mobile have the most hardcore fans in technology. You’ll see fanboys and girls always arguing which is the best gaming platform of all time whether it’s in conventions or in social media comments.

These days, the PC has a war within the gaming war: the rise of game launchers. This became more popular due to the release of Epic Games’ Epic Games Store, which brought in controversial business practices, mainly creating a lackluster launcher while bribing publishers millions of dollars in order to sell their games on the Epic Games Store only and nowhere else. This leads to a more toxic competition rather than a fair fight.

But, that wasn’t the end of it. Other launchers such as EA Origin, Bethesda Launcher, GOG, Garena and Uplay keep the war within the PC war intense. Most of them give out freebies in order to rake in more gamers such as Uplay’s recent move of releasing Assassin’s Creed Unity for free under a limited time.

War…War has Changed

It’s very hard to list in all the major tech wars in this article without dragging the whole topic. What matters is that these tech wars are driving the tech industry into becoming more and more approachable to people with simplicity and quantity in features at a reasonable price.

Strange Tech Wars Are Shaking Up Today's Tech Industry 1

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