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The information technology field is shifting to cloud computing. If you are an IT professional, it’s paramount to keep abreast with what’s happening in the industry. Microsoft Azure is among the top and widely used cloud computing platforms today. As a result, the demand for IT professionals who are highly skilled in design, implementation, and oversight of cloud solutions based on Azure is on the rise. Getting the Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Certification will improve your chances of advancing your career in IT.

Benefits of Getting Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Certification

Most companies are now using Microsoft Azure cloud computing solutions. These firms seek the help of expert software developers who can design and implement robust cloud storage, dynamic data solutions, and functional cloud integration systems. Examples of such companies hiring Azure developers include BlackBerry, Microsoft, Facebook, Inc., and Wipro, among others.

Besides, cloud solutions are being leveraged everywhere. This means you could actually work in any industry, may it be health, finance, education, and entertainment, just to mention a few. And with skills gained in this certification, you can even work remotely serving several companies if you wish. Not many career paths offer this flexibility, clear-cut ways of increasing your income, and exposure to better opportunities.

Another benefit of being Microsoft Azure Developer Associate is that you can use your new skills to grow in your current role. Microsoft has revamped its certifications and is now teaching the courses based on real-life job situations. Applying these skills to solving challenges in your current role enables your superiors to notice your impact. Use this opportunity to ask for a promotion and pay raise.

You will also earn better. According to PayScale, software engineers with Microsoft Azure Developer Associate credential earn an average of $90,589 per year. Some opportunities can even pay as high as $122K annually depending on the business’s policy on bonuses and profit sharing as well as the specific job roles.

Thus this certification sets you apart and opens doors to lucrative opportunities. Besides, you are being certified with a globally recognized vendor – Microsoft.  

Requirement for Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Certification

To attain Azure Developer Associate Certification, you should pass the exam AZ-203, known as Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure. Learners here are tested on their ability to perform various technical tasks. These include creating cloud storage solutions, developing cloud solutions for relational databases, securing cloud solutions and others. The exam contains from 40 to 60 multiple-choice questions, that you need to complete within 2.5 hours. It will cost you $165. Though not a mandatory requirement, it would be helpful if such a learner has completed the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam (AZ-900). This equips them with a basic understanding of cloud concepts, Azure price, and support, cloud security, privacy, trust, and compliance.

Since the preparation is key to your success, it is important to prepare thoroughly. That will save you the trouble of wasting time in exam retakes. Besides, this can also be costly since you extend your study time. Failing an exam also eats into the time you are supposed to be enjoying a better job with better remuneration thanks to your new certificate.

There are numerous resources to help you prepare for your exam. Nevertheless, it is crucial to choose credible exam preparation resources. Microsoft offers both self-paced and instructor-led training options for learners. There is also a study guide whether you study on your own or you can choose an instructor-led training option. Studying on your own using Microsoft resources is free. The instructor-led study can be done in a classroom or on Demand. Thus, Microsoft offers you the pace that suits you most. In this case, you study at your own pace from anywhere in the world. Note, that instructor-led studying comes at a fee.

Get Your Certification at First Attempt Using Examsnap

Examsnap is a leading exam preparation resource. While Microsoft invests so much on course work, this site goes further to give readers the opportunity to test themselves. These materials are put together by industry experts who have taken similar exams before. This enables them to write tests with questions that are similar to those found in Microsoft exam itself. So, candidates can test their knowledge and get a feel of what to expect in the real exam. Besides, tests come with answers to the questions for candidates to see their score. Thus, Examsnap is a large reliable exam dumps provider that you need to check.

By choosing , you gain access to free exam questions. Such dumps are frequently uploaded and updated by the real exam takers, so that you can train the latest questions asked in Microsoft’s AZ-203. You can also choose to invest in Premium ETE files at a price of $50. This can actually be lower if you try at a time when they are running promotional offers. To use these ETE dumps, you need to download the ETE Exam Simulator. This great software mimics a true exam set-up. With this tool, you practice for your test in almost the real exam environment and gain skills to manage your time allotted for the exam. Indeed, Examsnap is committed to handing learners all the necessary materials, as well as tools they need to pass their exams at the first attempt.


Acquiring the Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Certification earns skills that are relevant to modern businesses. To pass your AZ-203 exam and get the coveted certification, it’s important to be well-prepared. It’s known that you don’t want to waste your time and money in doing repeat tests. For that reason, make sure that you are well-equipped by combining Microsoft study materials with numerous exam preparation options from Examsnap.  This way, you stand a better chance of getting your developer credential on the first try.

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