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A close-up review of a Nordgreen watch.

Last updated on March 19th, 2023 at 04:51 pm

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I have always loved a good watch. Even when I was young I always had a watch, from digital ones with games on to those ones with the calculator on them (anyone remember those?!).

As I grew up I went through phases of liking a whole range of modern watches, however, I now wanted something with a bit of class, something posh, something to show that I’m successful and grown up – not just some geeky kid who works in IT!

So, after looking into various different watches, none of which I really liked the look of, along came Nordgreen. Their watches looked absolutely incredible on their website and I instantly liked the look of the Philosopher Gun Metal watch with the navy and brushed gun metal strap.

Nordgreen actually partnered with the famous Jakob Wagner, designer of the Bang & Olufsen headsets, to capture their ethical values (which we will explore further in this review) within their timepieces, so you know straight away that it is going to be something special.

So, I got this watch from Nordgreen for the purposes of carrying out a review.

Nordgreen Watch Review

The watch arrived delivered by courier and I was excited to take a look at this new watch to see if it was actually as good as it looked on their website. As soon as I opened the packaging, I could tell that this was a real quality product. The box alone looked great, sleek and sturdy design and housed the watch itself perfectly:

Nordgreen Watch Box
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Nordgreen Watch Review 2

Taking the watch out of the box, I could tell right away that it was made beautifully, it has that quality feel to it that you can’t really explain, you just know it’s good.

I wore it to work today as I knew I had a few meetings and wanted to show it off. At the end of one of my meetings, someone actually commented on the watch and asked where I had gotten it from as they were looking for a new watch for their husband as a wedding anniversary present. They also seemed quite shocked by the relatively low cost for such a quality item.

Having worn it all day at work, especially given that we are in the middle of a mini heatwave at the moment, the watch felt comfortable and easy to wear. Working in IT, I’m typing a lot pretty much everyday and I usually take off my watch as they irritate me when trying to type. But today, I didn’t even notice I had it on still.

What’s Included?

Included with the watch is a small pouch with the manual, warranty, certificate of authenticity and a thank you card – which I will cover in detail a little further on.

Nordgreen Watch Review 1

Key points of the watch

  • Beautifully crafted watch face
  • Scandinavian design
  • Genuine leather strap which is very comfortable for everyday use
  • Excellently boxed so would be ideal for any gift occassion
  • Certificate of Authenticity included
  • Manual and Warranty included
  • Free delivery

Nordgreen the Brand – Ethical Values

Nordgreen do not stop at just making an excellent timepiece – their ethical values also make them stand out from anyone else. They are a Scandinavian brand based in Copenhagen and being the first green city in the world, Copenhagen is leading the way in the next global revolution. They have worked hard to capture this within their brand, and want to empower and inspire customers to give back to the world, making it a better place.

For every watch sold, our customers will get the chance to give to one of three charitable causes, through our Giving Back Program.

This is incredible in the modern world. A brand that wants to make the world a better place, not just making profit.

Customers purchasing a Nordgreen watch will receive a unique identification code which they then go onto the Nordgreen website to register the watch and choose from 1 of 3 causes to donate to. These causes are:

  • 2 months of education to a child in India
  • 2 months of clean watch to a person in central Africa
  • 200sqm of rainforest in Latin America

Jakob Wagner & Nordgreen

Nordgreen have partnered with Jakob Wagner in designing their watches. Jakob Wagner is the famous designer based in Copenhagen who created the elegant style of the Bang & Olufsen headsets as well as working with brands such as  Alessi, Menu, Muuto and Stelton and furniture projects for Cappellini, B&B Italia, Moroso and Hay among others.

Buy a Watch – Get a Free Strap

Not only can you purchase a quality Nordgreen timepiece at an incredible price, but they also currently have a site-wide offer where you can purchase a watch and get a strap completely free. You can pickup this offer through Dealspotr using this link.


I really am massively impressed by this watch, much more than I was hoping I would be and it feels like it could be a family heirloom already!

But what really stands out with this brand is their ethical values and this just enhances the already overwhelming reasons to purchase a Nordgreen timepiece.

I would without any doubt at all, recommend Nordgreen watches to anyone – it is also worth noting that they sell ladies watches too, so it looks like I will now have to buy my wife one!

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