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Last updated on April 16th, 2023 at 11:25 pm

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If you have a Shoretel telephony environment, you may want to change the ringtone of your handset(s). You can do this with the boring built in ones or customise your handset with any tune you like.

To do this, there are two methods, one for customising just one phone and another for customising all models of handsets in your business.

This guide will show you how to customise a single handsets ringtone, see my other blogs for how to customise all model handsets.

First of all, logon to your Shoretel HQ server as an administrator.

Go to the following location:


Create a new folder called “ringers” in the root of ftproot.

Copy your custom WAV files to the “ringers” folder.

NOTE: Your custom WAV files have to be in the correct Shoretel format, to see how to convert your files into the correct format, click the link below:

Convert Shoretel WAV Files

Create a text file in the root of ftproot called:


(xxxxxx being the last 6 digits of the handset MAC address you are trying to change the ringtone on)

In the text file, paste the following code into it:

WaveRinger1 L/r12 xx.x.x.xx/ringers/yyyyy.wav

WaveRinger2 L/r13 xx.x.x.xx/ringers/yyyyy.wav

(xx.x.x.xx = the IP address of your Shoretel HQ server)

(yyyyy.wav = the name of custom ringtone wav file that you copied to the ringers folder earlier)

Save this file and logoff from your Shoretel HQ server.

You then need to reboot the phone that you are trying to change the ringtone on.

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