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Chrome vs. Firefox: How do these browsers rank for RAM usage, HTML5 Scores and Add-ons?

We all know that popularity isn’t necessarily indicative of quality and browser choice certainly falls under that mantra. Firefox and Chrome have both enjoyed periods at the height of browser popularity, but today, Chrome undeniably holds that crown. In August 2019, Stat Counter revealed figures showing that Chrome enjoys a near 64% market share among…

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What Can We Expect From HTML5 This Year?

HTML5 technology is not only the future of the internet, it is the here and now. HTML5 is the latest version of the Hyper Text Markup Language, the programming code that scripts the appearance and operation of web pages. There are three layers to HTML5 – the structure, which HTML provides; the visual aspect of…

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How To Write a Project Centered Resume

30 years ago, when I graduated from college, we were taught to write the 1-page resume that was written in chronological order starting with your most recent job and going backwards.  But do you think that when you’re applying for a job, at say, Thunderbolt online casino, that is still the best approach, especially in…

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The Technology of Slots Games

With the gaming community continuously evolving it is always interesting to see which aspects of gaming thrives. In casino gaming, one of the main categories to develop alongside technology is slots games. It is one of the most versatile of categories in the world of online casino gaming and watching this growth leaves one basking…

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