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Last updated on May 14th, 2023 at 01:52 am

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In 2022, the whole world is functioning online – dating, games, shopping, communication, work. If we do not know something, we turn to Google or Yahoo for help. If we want to get a job, we scroll through channels with job openings. If we need passive income, we enter affiliate marketing. Nowadays, traffic affiliate marketing, especially after the “coronavirus” period in 2020, is more demanding. And in order to get the most out of it, you need to know the trends, promising verticals and the features of working with them. We will talk about this in the article.

How does traffic affiliate marketing work?

Traffic affiliate marketing is a kind of online earnings. Its essence is to buy, and then resell previously purchased traffic to COD network affiliate marketers. The difference from resale makes profit in affiliate marketing. Let us take a look at an example. You buy 500 clicks to your site for $10. 350 people visit the referral link you specified where 10 of them also buy products of the CPA affiliate network. For those who bought the product, the company pays you $10 each, a total of $100. So you earned 90 bucks on affiliate marketing.

Of course, this sounds so simple in theory, but in reality, you should try hard to stay on top. This process is not as complicated as it is painstaking. The main skill of an affiliate marketer is setting up advertising and analyzing it. And if you are ready for the daily routine, CPA affiliate marketing will bring you special pleasure and the desired result.

To stay afloat, many companies have digitized their business processes. Now the lion’s share of advertising falls on the online mode. Nobody uses offline promotion methods so vehemently anymore, because the main audience is on the Internet. In this case, traffic affiliate marketing is an effective way to easily scale. If a company offers favorable nutra affiliate program conditions and a decent reward, this will be a good encouragement for affiliate marketers. They will start selling products on different sites, which will increase the company’s sales.

For an affiliate marketer, this type of online employment has its advantages. First, the affiliate marketer is responsible for only one task – driving traffic. At the same time, they are not distracted by communication with customers or drawing up business strategies for the sale of products and services. Second, they have no logistics or production costs. Third, the entry threshold is low – beginners do not need to have a million to enter affiliate marketing.

New traffic sources

You can turn a user into a potential customer and then into a real client by choosing the right format and platform for advertising. An incorrectly configured target threatens to drain the budget. To achieve maximum conversion rates, you need to constantly look for and test new traffic sources. You can use social networks, the Twitch streaming platform as promotion channels, or give preference to organic traffic sources – free ads and thematic forums.

When choosing a platform for launching ads, pay attention to the level of competition. However, you can “compete” with a large company that injects a large budget only if you choose non-standard promo materials and are remembered by the audience. Do not be afraid to experiment and go against the delayed scenario. Change the idea of advertising: launch new sections on your blog, test several campaigns, banners and marketplaces.

Current niches for traffic affiliate marketing

With the advent of TikTok, we really understood what viral content means. But such popularity does not always last long. This year there are 2 relevant and durable niches in traffic affiliate marketing:

  1. Verticals that consistently generate income from year to year are nutra, gambling and betting, shopping and dating. They are also called classic verticals, because they cover the main important needs of users – the desire to improve health, look beautiful, find a mate or satisfy your passion.
  2. Verticals that have recently exploded and successfully established themselves in the affiliate market. These are crypto and SP/BS offers (offers with payment for a subscription).

It is also important to drive traffic to affiliate marketing training courses. In recent years, this topic is gaining more and more popularity. There are more and more courses on crypto, nutra and other verticals. But gray and black affiliate marketing will definitely leave the market in 2022, because “bleaching” remains the main trend.

How to start doing affiliate marketing from scratch?

You can talk about affiliate marketing for a long time and many articles exist on this topic. But there is no need to study theory for a long time. There is a lot of information, every year it changes as well as effective promotion channels change. Therefore, start practicing and it will bring you the necessary knowledge and more benefits. For a successful start, an affiliate marketer must have some knowledge about this area.

  • Turnover collection is the foundation of affiliate marketing. You cannot start without a budget. The main rule here is not to inject all your money and not quit your offline job until you have a stable income from affiliate marketing.
  • Choosing a niche and offers. Earlier in the article, we mentioned the actual verticals for this year, which means that the competition in them is high. Do not forget to analyze tests.
  • Way of getting traffic – free (spam in social networks) or advertising (classic affiliate program). But remember that free traffic exists only for you to “test” a niche.
  • Affiliate network selection. Among a million offers, making the right choice is another quest. Pay attention to reviews about the company, working conditions and the minimum pay that it offers.
  • Choosing an offer and geo. It all depends on your preferences, but if in doubt, ask the affiliate program manager. They will tell you what and where conversion rates are best.
  • Selecting a traffic source. This refers to the selection of additional tools for work. The set of tools differs depending on the features of the site.
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